Watch Highlights From The First Democratic Presidential Debate – NBC Analyst Declares Trump The Winner

On Wednesday night, 10 Democratic presidential hopefuls participated in the very first debate of the election season, and on Thursday night another 10 candidates will take the stage for a second debate.  In this video, you can see some of the highlight’s from last night’s debate, but it doesn’t appear that there were many game changing moments.

In fact, one NBC analyst actually said that he felt that Donald Trump was the winner of the debate

An NBC News analyst declared President Trump the winner of the first Democratic presidential debate of the 2020 election cycle.

Author and reporter Jonathan Allen expressed surprise that Trump emerged “largely unscathed” as the field of 10 candidates mostly avoided direct attacks on him.

Allen said the Democrats seemed more focused on positioning themselves furthest to the left to win over primary voters, rather than appealing to the swing voters that decided the 2016 election.

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