What Rex Mitchell Was Shown Regarding The Judgment Of America

Prior to 2020, most of the U.S. population really didn’t want to hear prophetic warnings about the judgments that are about to his this nation, but now that is starting to change.

A few days ago, Rex Mitchell sent me an experience that he had back in 2013, and as I document regularly on this website, so many other people all over the globe are having similar experiences.

Here is what he was shown…

Rex Mitchell dream 16 June 2013

As I was standing on the footpath of a street in the Central Business District (CBD) of a large American city, I found myself gazing at a modern, multi-level townhouse, someone had constructed in what had been a laneway between two buildings. It was narrow, but modern, well built and well furnished. There was a large glass door, set back about 20 feet from the footpath, which was the main entrance to the apartment.

Shortly, an overweight middle-aged man appeared wearing a cravat. He looked like he had just stepped out of the 1940s. He opened the door, retrieved his mail, closed the door and went inside. Immediately, he sat down on a footstool, facing into a small, cloth-covered tub chair—on which sat and old typewriter—and began typing vigorously. I thought that was strange as this was the 21st century.

Then I had the realization that this man was a mainstream journalist, working from home, and may have reverted to using an old typewriter, because his server was down or he had lost his Internet connection. How could this be, I thought? Was America at war?

Then a black man suddenly appeared on the street and said, out of the blue, “God has used America to JUDGE nations before.” I replied, “Yes he has. But this time, he is going to use other nations to judge AMERICA.”

Then the dream ended abruptly.

Although Wall Street is still open for business, and you can still buy Budweiser or Fosters Larger at your local supermarket, and the national TV news anchors are assuring us that everything is rosy, the dollar is virtually worthless, and we are being strangled by a debt we can NEVER repay. Besides that, storm clouds are gathering on the horizon, and the forecast isn’t good. God’s almighty battle-axe is about to fall upon this world for one last time.

While our “hireling” church leaders are busy preparing their flocks for an immediate pre-tribulation “rapture”—which Jesus said would not occur until AFTER the tribulation (Matthew 24:29-31)—our enemies are preparing for WAR. And beloved, those are “war” clouds on the horizon.