What You Need to Do to Survive Ebola BEFORE the Panic Starts

Take a look at the following photo. It was taken last week in Toledo about an hour after the city announced that their water supply had been contaminated with toxins:

Toledo Empty Shelves

Notice how every drop of pure H2O has been removed from the shelves.

Imagine for a moment what grocery store shelves, pharmacies and hardware supply stores are going to look like within 12 hours of an Ebola infection or outbreak being announced on U.S. soil.

Things will happen fast.

Now, for all we know the CDC’s containment efforts are successful, and perhaps Ebola will be stopped in its tracks. But being naturally skeptical of our government’s abilities to mitigate such a virus, especially given the lack of any actual information from the CDC or government, we must assume that Ebola will eventually start popping up in the United States.

When it does, the CDC and Homeland Security will likely announce a number of precautions that we need to take. Those precautions are going to include supply lists and strategies.

Guess what 300 million Americans are going to do all at once when those supply lists and recommendation are announced? ( Look no further than the DHS Fukushima radiation announcement and how it affected the supply and price of potassium iodide)

Here’s the bottom line: If you don’t have your supplies before emergency announcements hit the airwaves, then plan on going without.

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1 thought on “What You Need to Do to Survive Ebola BEFORE the Panic Starts”

  1. IF this Ebola goes public in this country it will be the greatest success story of the century for undertakers trained to dispose of the bodies. IF they do not slip up and catch it themselves. The incinerators will be operating 24/7.
    NOTHING is 100% effective in preventing viruses from contaminating the public at this point in time.
    There is a bell curve. That means a certain number of people for whatever reason will have a natural built-in immunity to the disease. That bell curve is likely to be very thin. That means less than 1% of the population is likely to survive. Those that do survive may be carriers.
    It crosses the species barrier. That means all wild life is also likely to carry the virus to unsuspecting people. Like pets, cats, dogs, birds, mice, and their fleas. Ticks might also be carriers.
    My own suggestion is you need a propane cooking utensil to boil water before drinking it. Those with natural gas stoves should be okey for a while. You may end up heating the house with that stove if it hits in winter. Electric power may be a problem.
    All public retail stores and grocery stores will shut down.
    That means powdered milk is your best bet for long term.
    It means a large supply of food that requires no freezing such as soups.
    I would suggest chicken noodle soup of various kinds in cans to treat people with flu viruses.
    I would suggest bottled water and be very jealous of how much is used.
    The only effective treatment right now is antibodies from people that have survived it. Since very few survive, that is a problem.
    There is a cost to all of this. Part of that cost is isolation from the public. So making a living or paying your bills may be a very big problem.
    By the time they get around to evicting you, there will be nobody around to evict anybody if this thing hits. So that needs to be considered when risking public mixing.
    I cannot help myself but think that this might be genetic engineering at work. Only I think it got out of the cage so to speak and is now back firing big time on the very people that turned it loose.
    Unless one of the grade c movies out there are correct. Then it is a conspiracy to end all conspiracies. After the SHTF, if that is so, we will know about it first hand. The “false gods” will have returned to take over the sheep that are left. They will bring a “cure” only they have available. But that would be too convenient for those involved.
    The only solution right now is to effectively isolate the country from all those people that may carry the disease into this country. With the IDIOT-in-charge letting anyone over those borders to our south, that may be impossible to do. To me that truly is an impeachable offense. Not from a criminal stand point, but from the stand point of disease control.

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