“When You See A Major Jump And Attack On Oil” – This Is The Prophetic Sign Sean Harper Was Told To Watch For

When prophetic dreams and visions contain things that we want to hear, they can be very easy to accept.  But when they contain things that we don’t want to hear, it can be very easy for hearts to become hardened against the message that is being conveyed.

The following is a dream that Sean Harper had on November 7th, 2016.  It was the day before Donald Trump won the election, and Sean was seeking guidance from the Lord.  In light of what just happened in the Middle East, I believe that the message of this dream is quite timely…

I found myself in my old high school. I immediately knew the Lord wanted to teach me something in this dream. I stood in the hallway hearing chanting from around the corner. As I looked, the vice principal who arrested me when I was 16 appeared. However he was wearing Trump’s hair, suit, and was using Trump’s facial expressions. It was like looking at a body double. I looked at the man who had the Christian students rallying behind him. The students were wearing MAGA hats and crosses. I noticed a sparkling set of keys on the side of the Trump figure’s belt from a dream I had prior. The Trump figure was firmly grasping these keys. As if someone would try to steal them from him. I knew in the dream that seeing Trump’s appearance on someone else meant that Trump is an imposter. I know many don’t like to hear this but that is what I knew to be sure in my spirit.

In an instant I heard a voice speak, “With this man, the nation’s fate has been sealed.”

I began to shake violently. Feeling as though great peril awaited. I felt all our lives were in great danger. I saw a utility room that I tried to escape to. However when I went to the door, the lock was not present. I tried and tried to get the door open, even trying to break the door knob with my feet. I fell on the floor crying. I couldn’t stop crying because I felt helpless trying to escape.

A man in rags appeared from one of the classrooms. He approached me and said, “Take my hand, I must show you something.” I trusted this man with all my heart so I took his hand. Immediately I was in my doctor’s office. My doctor in real life is a huge conspiracy guy who loves prepping. We talk often about prepping so I was befuddled as to why I was in his office. The man in rags was no where to be seen. My doctor was getting me ready for my injection therapy. He asked, “What do you think is about to happen to in the world?”

I responded quickly with, “I believe major war is about to break out in the Middle East. That Prophetic events are about to occur.”

My doctor touched my back, and as soon as he did, the man in rags appeared before me. He spoke, “A great war involving Russia, China, Iran, Saudia Arabia, Israel and the United States is soon to begin. Watch Turkey, for they will play an important role in what is to come.”

I responded with, “I know these nations are about to attack one another and it will be gruesome! What will be the sign of the sudden attack?”

The man in rags smiled, and once again asked me to take his hand. I reached out once more.

This time we were in the clouds overlooking a giant open water oil rig. As I looked closer, there were children struggling to tread the open ocean water. They were crying out for help but no one was there to help. Around the children were sharks. The sharks were swimming in a blood frenzy circle. The type of circle where they are patiently waiting for their prey to be worn out and strike. These were no ordinary sharks. They were huge. I was able to get a zoomed in view of the sharks. They had gruesome looking faces, With blood pouring out of their mouths. It didn’t make sense how they were in the water and had blood pouring from their mouths. The blood started to fill the ocean.

I told the man in rags that I wishes I could own the oil rig and help the children. The man became angry at my response.

He spoke in a booming concerned voice, “This shall be a sign unto you. When you see a major jump and attack on oil. Know the children with be left to tread open water with the bloodthirsty sharks. They will not escape.”

I awoke directly after.

Please pray about this dream and the message thereof. This is a dream that I have been patiently waiting to see happen during Trump’s presidency and it seems the event is very close Michael. I haven’t shared it because many become angry when it comes to sharing dreams concerning Trump. I’m simply asking others to still pray for Trump, but to reflect of the fruit he has produced. I’m not one to tell people to hate Trump and I pray people know this.