2 thoughts on “Why is NASA so invested in exploring Mars?”

  1. Hi Michael, you ask, “Why is NASA so invested in exploring Mars?” In reality, NASA is trying to delay things: Mars presents a vast amount of evidence for past and plausibly current complex biological life, but NASA being macroevolutionist is clueless about how to understand or interpret that fact, and continually lies to the public. That Martial life was seeded from Earth as hybrids of life God created here, just thousands of years ago. God acted to wipe out what was being done on Mars and other planetary bodies in our solar system, right before and in conjunction with Noah’s Flood here, on Earth. Vast and beyond extraordinary evidence for all that and much more is given in my upcoming “Solar Apocalypse” series of books. In the meantime, I have shared some sample (preview) images of complex biological fossils (and in a couple instances, apparent ongoing complex life) here: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorTimCohen/photos/2684003861695305

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