Will Anything Really Change After The Midterm Elections?

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The more things change, the more things stay the same. As I write this, it looks like the Republicans are going to take control of the Senate. But will that actually alter the direction of the country? Will that actually change anything? There are many that hope that this could represent a “turning point” for America, but history tells us that almost certainly will not be the case. Over the past 30 years, things have changed very little no matter which party has controlled the White House and no matter which party has controlled Congress. During that time frame, the national debt has continued to explode, our long-term economic problems have continued to get even worse, our liberties and freedoms have continued to erode and our nation has increasingly become a moral cesspool. And the truth is that at this point there is very little real difference between most Democrats and most Republicans. The corruption in Washington D.C. runs extremely deep, and very few politicians are able to enter that environment without being fundamentally affected by it.

In recent times, midterm elections have become primarily about punishing whoever is in the White House. In this case, there is definitely much to be dissatisfied about as far as Barack Obama is concerned. In fact, many consider him to be the worst president in U.S. history, and that is saying a lot.

When Obama first entered the White House, his approval numbers were incredibly high. But over time they have fallen substantially.

According to a CNN poll taken in late October, 53 percent of Americans disapprove of the way that Barack Obama is performing his job, and close to 70 percent of Americans are upset about the direction the country is headed.

And without a doubt, the sour mood of the country was clearly reflected in the election results as they rolled in on Tuesday night.

But despite the millions upon millions of votes that were cast by concerned Americans on Tuesday, very little is likely to change in the way that this nation is governed.

One reason for this is because Barack Obama has the power to block pretty much whatever the Republican Congress does. If a piece of legislation is passed that he does not like, he can simply veto it. Unfortunately for the Republicans, they do not have the numbers to override a veto.

This means that the Republicans are not going to be able to overturn Obamacare. No matter how much the American people may hate it, we are stuck with it for at least another two years.

This also means that Barack Obama has the power to single-handedly stop the Keystone pipeline. Even though surveys show that Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of the pipeline, the only way that it will move forward is if Barack Obama allows it to happen.

Another reason why very little is likely to change in Washington is because Democrats and Republicans actually agree on far more issues than they disagree. Just consider the following…

-The U.S. national debt has absolutely exploded in recent years no matter which party has had control of Congress. Republicans were swept to power in the U.S. House of Representatives four years ago with a mandate to control government spending, but that has not happened. In fact, the U.S. national debt increased by more than a trillion dollars in fiscal year 2014.

-Both parties support the emerging one world economic system which has already resulted in the loss of millions of good paying American jobs. And now Barack Obama is secretly negotiating a new trade agreement known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership which will kill even more of our jobs and businesses. Sadly, Republicans fully agree with what Obama is trying to accomplish and do not plan to stand in the way of this insidious treaty.

-If history is any indication, Republicans in the Senate will continue to rubber stamp most of Barack Obama’s ultra-liberal judicial nominees. In America today many of the big issues are ultimately decided by activist judges, and it is not likely that the “tyranny of the judiciary” is going to end any time soon.

-Both major political parties have shown that they have very little respect for our liberties and freedoms. They both eagerly renew the Patriot Act when it comes up for a vote, and neither party has shown any indication of cracking down on the abuses of agencies such as the NSA or the TSA.

-No matter who has control of Congress, Planned Parenthood always gets millions upon millions of dollars from the government every year. Since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973, we have killed more than 50 million of our own people. It is a national disgrace, and yet neither major political party intends to do anything to stop it.

-Both the Democrats and the Republicans believe that a “two state solution” will bring lasting peace between the Palestinians and Israel. And both parties support arming the “moderate jihadists” in Syria. The U.S. has been making colossal mistakes in the Middle East for decades, and that is not going to change for the foreseeable future.

– Neither party ever dares to question the “independence” of the Federal Reserve. The Fed is an unelected, unaccountable central banking cartel that has far more power over the economy than Barack Obama or the U.S. Congress does, and our politicians never do a thing to get this rogue organization under control even though it is behaving incredibly recklessly. As I wrote about the other day, the Federal Reserve is at the heart of so many of our long-term economic problems, and yet Congress does not seem to care.

Of course this list could go on for quite a while.

The point that I am trying to make is that these midterm elections simply are not going to change the direction of the nation.

The clowns may change, but the circus remains the same.

America is on a road to oblivion, and the Democrats and the Republicans both share in the blame.

(Originally posted on End of the American Dream)

1 thought on “Will Anything Really Change After The Midterm Elections?”

  1. The problem with no changes is the people’s vote to change parties in Congress is useless.
    That means that the current setup of political parties is broken. In reality the same people control no matter who is representing them in Congress. That is a very bad joke.
    In history we have had similar situations. The parties involved died and new parties took their place.
    Under the current election process that is extremely difficult. Well this one has been going on for a very long time now.
    It is time for a change. However change is impossible under the state mandated situation where only Republicans and Democrats show up on the election ballot.
    Republicans voting to fund Planned Parenthood is a good example of Abortion over riding the election process and being voted on for funding.
    There is a way to change it. Nixon found it. Vote all the incumbents out of office at the same time. That means a third of the incumbents disappear with every election. What Nixon did when he first came into office in Congress was he looked up the voting record of the person he wanted to replace. IF they voted the wrong direction he took that incumbent to task in debates. Both parties consider this to be unfair and dirty politics.
    I consider it fair game as long as they are voting the wrong way to the rhetoric they are producing before the public.
    The Speaker of the House is a Republican. Supposedly he is AGAINST abortion. But he voted FOR planned parenthood getting funding not more than 2 months ago.
    The Speaker of the House in the last Presidential Election denied Ron Paul a say at the Florida Convention changing the rules on a VOICE VOTE!
    When is the last time anyone brought him to task about the way he votes in Congress? Especially someone “token” running against this popular figure in Ohio. Cannot win anyway? That is what I hear. But NIxon proved them wrong in the 50s.
    IF we want to change things, we have to hold all these individuals accountable. The only way to do that is to keep track of how they vote on every issue out there. It means bringing politics down to a level that the average person can understand.
    That was done with political cartoons the last time it succeeded in bringing them down.
    Bill Gates put together a computer operating system that was on a level with Kindergarten. He made a graphic interface picture system where people picked on a mouse on top of an icon to get the program they wanted.
    People’s mindset is graphical pictures. That is why they remember on a subconscious level ridiculous images made in a commercial then reinforced 4 times an hour on television.
    The art of salesmanship is making a person decide (for no apparent reason) to pick your product over a competitor.
    The same approach is used by PR agencies to decide who you will vote for.
    We are dealing with the sheepie herd here not actual logical choice.
    The Speaker has an excellent PR agency portraying him before the public at election time. I am an ad builder using newspaper advertising. I am a master of my trade. My father was one before me. In studying what makes an ad work or not work, graphic images is the chief way things work.
    No mention was ever made of how he voted in the Congress in the last few years.

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