Will The Discovery Of Huge Amounts Of Oil In Israel Lead To War In The Middle East?

Israeli Tank on the Golan Heights

Billions of barrels of oil have been discovered in Israel, and this discovery could essentially make Israel energy independent for many decades to come. But there is just one problem. This discovery was made in the Golan Heights. If you are not familiar with the Golan Heights, it is an area that Israel took from Syria during the Six-Day War of 1967. The government of Israel considers the Golan Heights to now be part of Israeli territory, but the United Nations does not recognize Israel’s claim. Instead, the UN still recognizes Syrian sovereignty over that area. So now that massive amounts of oil have been discovered there, what will this do to tensions in the region? Could this discovery of oil help set the stage for World War III?

When I first read about the discovery of all this oil, I was quite stunned. Ever since 1948, Israel has had to import virtually all of the oil that it uses, and so this oil in the Golan Heights could be a huge game changer. The following is an excerpt from an article in an Israeli news source about this discovery…

Three drillings have so far taken place in the southern Golan Heights which have found large reserves of oil. Potential production is dramatic – billions of barrels, which will easily provide all Israel’s oil needs. Israel consumes 270,000 barrels of oil per day.

Although the existence of the oil in the ground is a fact, the critical phase now is to check how easily it can be extracted and whether it involves high production costs. In a period of very low oil prices, extraction will have to be relatively cheap to make exploitation of the field profitable.

Just as Israel’s offshore Mediterranean gas discoveries have created an entire energy industry, so the Golan oil find could also generate a new industry around it.

As I write this, the price of U.S. oil is sitting at $48.13 a barrel, so when you are talking about “billions” of barrels of oil you are talking about a tremendous amount of money.

Do you think that Syria and Israel’s other Arab neighbors are going to enjoy sitting there as Israel pumps “their oil” out of the ground?

Apparently this discovery is highly unusual. Here is what one scientist told Israeli television about what they found…

“We are talking about a strata which is 350 meters thick and what is important is the thickness and the porosity. On average in the world strata are 20-30 meters thick, so this is ten times as large as that, so we are talking about significant quantities,” geologist Yuval Bartov of Afek Oil and Gas told Israeli television.

Needless to say, this is great news for Israel.

But it is also going to give renewed motivation to those that wish to take the Golan Heights back from the Israelis. The following comes from a Jewish news source

Syria has claimed the entire Golan since it lost the strategic and water-rich area in the Six-Day War in 1967.

If oil can be extracted, it will be a huge bonanza for Israel and an enormous reason for whoever rules in Syria, or for Hezbollah that is fighting with Assad’s forces and is based in Lebanon, to launch a war on Israel.

And this comes at a time when tensions between the Israelis and the Palestinians have reached a fever pitch. Israeli security forces and Palestinian protesters have been regularly clashing in the heart of Jerusalem, and Palestinians were even temporarily banned from Jerusalem’s Old City for the first time in decades due to a series of recent stabbings and shootings.

Things have gotten so bad that Benjamin Netanyahu felt that he had to cancel his upcoming visit to Germany just to deal with the crisis. The following comes from Reuters

Israel’s prime minister canceled a visit to Germany on Wednesday after a spate of attacks that included the stabbing of an Israeli soldier by a suspected Palestinian militant who police said was then shot dead by special forces.

A steady rise in street violence, which Israeli and Palestinian leaders have sought to calm, has been fueled by confrontations around Jerusalem’s al Aqsa mosque complex, Islam’s third holiest shrine which Jews also revere as the vestige of their two ancient temples.

In the third knife attack in Jerusalem in less than a week, a young Palestinian woman stabbed an Israeli on Wednesday near that contested site and was then shot by the injured man.

The international community has become desperate to find a solution to this never ending cycle of conflict and violence. The call to establish a Palestinian state has become deafening, and most global leaders seem to believe that two states living side by side in peace could finally bring stability to the region.

Many had expected France to introduce a UN Security Council resolution which would give formal recognition to a Palestinian state last month, and there is still a chance that it may be submitted for a vote in the weeks ahead. France has indicated that it will not go ahead without U.S. approval, and so that means that the fate of the division of the land of Israel lies in the hands of Barack Obama.

So what will he ultimately do?

According to Politico, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has twice asked Obama to publicly announce that he would veto any such resolution, but Obama never responded…

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid on two different occasions this year went to White House chief of staff Denis McDonough seeking a public commitment from President Barack Obama that he would veto any U.N. resolution calling for an independent Palestinian state.

Both times, Obama did nothing.

And in recent months there have been other signs that Obama is weighing his options

In June, Obama and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power declined to commit to blocking a Palestinian resolution.

Behnd the scenes, Reid — who is Obama’s most steadfast ally on Capitol Hill — first approached McDonough shortly after Earnest’s comments and asked that the president reverse his position.

McDonough said the White House “would look into it,” said a source close to the issue, but took no action.

On the second occasion, Reid, a strong supporter of Israel during his career in the Senate, believed such a declaration by Obama would help assuage nervous Senate Democrats as they weighed whether to back the president on the Iran nuclear deal. Reid was hopeful that he could block the Iran disapproval resolution, but he wanted to be certain he would have the votes in the face of fierce opposition from pro-Israeli groups.

When push comes to shove, I fully expect that Barack Obama will eventually give his full public support to the UN Security Council resolution that France has been working on.

I believe that we will see an internationally-recognized Palestinian state, but I also believe that this will just set the stage for war on a scale that the Middle East has never experienced before.

So do you agree with me? Please feel free to join the discussion by posting a comment below…

(Originally published on End of the American Dream)

4 thoughts on “Will The Discovery Of Huge Amounts Of Oil In Israel Lead To War In The Middle East?”

  1. While I’m no fan of Obama, I do not think he will back the resolution UNLESS Netanyahu continues to claim disingenuously that he wants a peaceful settlement with Palestine while laying out initial demands that he KNOWS they will refuse immediately and while continuing to build in areas that have never officially been given to Israel by the nations that gave their blood and treasure to conquer the middle east.

    In other words, I think Obama is remaining silent about whether he would veto the Palestinian state bill in order to have some leverage. He has made it clear over and over that he wants a settlement that is negotiated and agreed upon between the Palestinians and Israelis. I think, if pushed around and reviled long enough by Netanyahu, his patience on that may finally wear out; but he clearly prefers a negotiated AGREEMENT between the parties because he knows that is the only thing that could ever hold in the long run. I forced position will be fought.

    I think Netanyahu is so extraordinarily bull headed that Obama may eventually feel he has to play his trump card. That may not, however, be until after he becomes Secretary General of the UN.

    • I am also no fan of Obama.
      IF I had wrote a science fiction novel thirty years ago describing Obama no one would believe it was possible except D.C. insiders.
      It is quite obvious where his loyalties lie.
      That a President of this country is powerful enough to disobey the laws of our land without penalty? No one would have believed it.
      It doesn’t stop there.
      President Clinton having sex with a female intern? Getting impeachment proceedings that failed?
      President Bush with a background of being AWOL during wartime from the national guard? He should be in jail not President!
      Obviously the rules by our mere mortals do not apply to Presidents.
      The alleged crimes of Obama?
      False Social Security Number?
      Questionable citizenship because of a dual citizenship from his father?
      Allowing Illegals into the country in direct violation of law?
      Making treaties with foreign lands without Congressional approval?
      This man is a President in a lame duck situation yet the opposing majority in Congress can not contain him?
      Thirty years ago, no one would have believed it possible.

  2. Will there be war between Israel and everyone else?
    Picture a global chessboard. The four center squares of the chessboard are Israel. And then you have the makings of a fight between every major power on the planet. All to control those four squares ultimately.
    If there is a rich oil field to be had let the feasting begin, because Israel is doomed.
    If Britain at the end of World War II had relocated the entire Jewish population somewhere else?
    Then that would be where the power play would begin instead.
    The holocaust eliminated a huge number of Jewish people. Those that were left survived by a combination of luck and skill. Even so, if I were one of them I think I would have come to the United States instead of Israel. Living there is going to be living with a target painted clearly on your back. Think about it though. Was it an average of less than one person in one hundred that survived?
    The people I knew growing up that were Jewish were very gifted, intelligent people. They became lawyers, doctors, and many other skilled professionals and this country was better off because they chose us rather than somewhere else to live.
    Because originally we took them in. We made them our own people. And they rewarded that by using those gifts to make this one of the finest places to live on the planet and it was that way for about 25-30 years after World War II.
    As for the oil? We are going through a tech revolution right now. I think natural gas will be the fuel of engines in the future. Not oil. But meantime oil is king. I think the natural way to power the generators that we use to give everyone electricity will not be coal generated much longer. Natural gas does not pollute the same way as coal or oil does. It is very abundant here in the US. The question is when not if. When we figure out a way to power our automobiles with natural gas cheaply then oil will no longer be required in such quantities.
    (Cheap shot!) We could probably harvest it from D.C. alone. (GRIN)
    IF we relocated Israel to Australia. Within a few generations, the center of that chess board would change to Australia. I think it is in the nature of the Jewish inheritance that where ever they go, trouble will follow on the world stage.
    IF my calculations are right, Australia outback has a huge oil field yet to be discovered.
    But if it were my family with a target on their backs, I would be as far from that imaginary center of the chess board as I could get.
    The cultural inheritance of Israel is the Temple. For what ever reason, everyone wants that piece of real estate as their own.
    Right now a Muslim Religious site occupies the Temple real estate. All hell will break loose on Earth if something changes that. Like Jews wanting the site back for their own religious needs.
    IF the practice of summoning a god is resumed at that site, I do not really know what will happen.
    Will it be the God of Abraham? If so, something is going on beneath the surface of things that few are really aware of.
    IF that summoning resumes and IF the God of Abraham is physically present in the temple, then HELL on Earth is only a short time away.
    But I am talking about a level of dimensional physics that few are even aware of.
    The big mistake that everyone assumes to be true is that the people in the time of the ancient Bible in Genesis were below our technical engineering education. The evidence before our eyes suggests that is only half true.
    Those pyramids did not build themselves. Those tons of rock at Stonehenge did not come together by themselves. There is evidence of a few highly developed civilizations in India, China and Sumeria. Not to mention at least two legends of Atlantis and one in the South Pacific. The South American peoples built some pretty impressive buildings also.
    Even the Bible says that there is nothing new under the Sun.
    I am saying they are all wanting to control that one piece of real estate for some reason or another.
    The other big mistake we make is considering ourselves the top of the food chain. We most likely are not the most intelligent creature in this neighborhood of the Universe.

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