Young Americans Are Becoming Increasingly Unhealthy

Fat American

It’s pretty much old news at this point. The population of the United States is becoming incredibly unhealthy and unfit as time goes on. Everybody knows it, but we must never stop discussing this tiresome fact over and over again because frankly, it’s not getting better. The most alarming trend in America’s downward spiral into illness and obesity, is that it appears to be effecting our kids the most.

Recently the Centers for Disease Control conducted a physical study involving 600 teenagers. They found that only 42 percent of them could reach the bare minimum threshold for being considered “fit”. This happens to be a decline from 52 percent in 2000. The lead author of the report Dr. Gahche, suggested that “Children should spend at least 60 minutes daily…mostly doing aerobic exercise, like walking, running, participating in team sports or martial arts.”

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