11 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy With Food Stamps

Lobster Dinner - Public Domain

  • Quesarito: Taco Bell is one of many fast food restaurants that accept EBT cards. Guacamole is extra? Who cares? It’s on the taxpayer.
  •  Bail: Convicted felons – like drug dealer Kimball Clark – have reportedly used their EBT as bail money. Clark reportedly instructed someone to go to an ATM to withdraw money from his EBT for bail. Because it’s difficult to trace ATM abuse, many speculate this problem is more widespread and not just found in isolated incidents.
  • Lingerie: Kiss My Lingerie, an adult store in Gonzales, Louisiana, accepts EBT. Other adult stores have also been known to accept welfare transactions. In this case, officials said the store doesn’t violate the rules for EBT because of discrepancies in the law.
  • KFC: Well, chicken is a protein, and protein is good for you, right? KFC is another well-known fast food chain that accepts EBT.
  • Shoes: While Payless ShoeSource is known for their BOGO sales, they’re certainly not the cheapest place to buy shoes. Despite the prices and functionality, they also accept EBT.
  • Strip clubs: Last year, the New York Post reported that FOIA requests revealed welfare recipients were regularly making EBT withdrawals at the ATMs near and inside infamous porn shops, liquor stores, lounges and hookah parlors. Technically, it also doesn’t break the law because of the “cash assistance program.”
  • Lobster: There have been multiple cases of this. As long as it’s not tobacco or alcohol, you’re golden.
  • Starbucks: While corporate stores don’t accept EBT, any Starbucks in a Target or grocery chain is considered a grocery item. So $7.00 for a mocha cookie crumble frappuccino and pumpkin loaf? Go.
  • Cold hard cash: Some people are in the business of selling their EBT benefits for cash. Craigslist has been a great conduit for these “creative entrepreneurs.”
  • K-cups: A lot of people don’t buy coffee in this form because it’s too expensive, but it’s not off limits in the world of welfare.
  • Cupcakes/Gourmet cakes: It’s considered food, no matter the price. Hello, non-essential $45 cake.

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7 thoughts on “11 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy With Food Stamps”

  1. Oh my! There are so many people just taking advantage of the system on our tax dollar. I hope the rest of the US starts to notice this.

      • Sandie… there are many people who need to be on food stamps. I am sorry to hear about your husbands loss. I hope that you and your child are able to get back on your feet, and with Gods help….emotionally heal over the loss of your husband. God has a great plan for your life….as He says in Jeremiah 29:11.

  2. to many getting that dont deserve. ones that sell for cash. ones that dont make efford to find jobs. drug users. then there r ones that work 2 jobs to make ends meet just to have food stamps reduced.

  3. In the state of California, only the homeless on a special program are able to purchase meals at restaurants via EBT. I felt like a cheated taxpayer after hearing about people taking advantage of the system, and then I met a few families that receive government benefits. These people were just trying to feed their families. There was an occasional cake for celebrations (What? “No, Jenny. We can’t celebrate your 3rd birthday with a Walmart cake because we’re on govt assistance.” No way), but they carefully managed the money to make it the entire month. I know a single mother of 2 that lost her husband in a car crash that skips meals herself so her children have enough to eat. Most people that receive benefits don’t cheat the system and are shamed into silence to speak out about it. Instead of blaming the citizens for using the system and burdening taxpayers, blame the companies/people that do not pay taxes or have ridiculous tax cuts.

  4. EBT is both welfare and food stamps. It is just a place they put their money. So they can use the ebt card but only the welfare portion for bail. The food stamp portion can only be used for food items that are uncooked food.

  5. Right, Actual food stamps don’t pay for ANY of this stuff. If the government gives you cash/EBT I think its on a Visa which can probably be used anywhere. Damn those poor people shopping at Payless for shoes, cupcakes and chicken most likely for their kids. Lets crucify them. Now strip clubs and Starbucks – not cool….

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