A Dream About The Coming Banking Collapse

All over the world people have been receiving dreams and visions about the coming financial collapse.  It is going to be far worse than most of the “experts” are anticipating, and it will shake the entire globe to the core.

Just a few hours ago, Jolann Leifer sent me a dream that she just had.  She believes that this dream is directly related to the banking collapse that is coming…

Banking collapse

The Lord gave me a dream last night. I was in a city traveling down a road. It was near a major roadway, sort of like an underpass area. On the side of this major road, I saw tall dirt banks. A shaking started and I saw sections of the banks collapse.

Next, I was in the home of this one black lady. There were some children of hers playing outside in the water. I warned her it was dangerous because of what had happened and maybe the shaking was not over. She was not aware some shaking had occurred, but was concerned by what I had just revealed to her, but she did not know if she would do anything about what might happen, maybe it was over. I looked off to where this one grassy area was thinking it might be safer to be there in case the shaking started again, than where I was currently at, but I sensed water may lie underneath the soil, close to the top, so that might not be a good idea. I woke up.

I think the Holy Spirit is revealing a banking collapse will happen caused by some type of shaking. Not total at first, but some banks will collapse. People will try to decide if it will get worse, or not, in case they should prepare. Lots of the Lord’s children are also playing in the world. Bible says to come out of her. I’m not sure there is any safe place to be, but trusting in the Lord.

I do not see most people preparing until it may be too late, even though the signs are there.

Jolann Leifer “Peachey”