A New Madrid Earthquake Is Coming And America Will Be Shaken Like Never Before

New Madrid Fault Earthquake Zone

Most Americans expect the next great earthquake in the United States to come on the west coast. But what if it strikes right down the middle of the country instead? The New Madrid fault zone is six times larger than the San Andreas fault zone in California and it covers portions of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi. Back in 1811 and 1812, a series of absolutely devastating earthquakes along the New Madrid fault zone opened very deep fissures in the ground, caused the Mississippi River to run backwards in some places, and were reportedly felt as far away as Washington D.C. and Boston. They were the strongest earthquakes ever recorded east of the Rocky Mountains, and scientists tell us that it is only a matter of time before we experience similar quakes. In fact, the U.S. Geological Survey has admitted that the New Madrid fault zone has the “potential for larger and more powerful quakes than previously thought“, and the number of significant earthquakes in the middle part of the country has more than quintupled in recent years. Someday, perhaps without any warning, an absolutely massive earthquake will strike the New Madrid fault. Thousands of Americans will die, tens of thousands of structures will be completely destroyed, and millions of people will find themselves homeless.

Unlike on the west coast, buildings within the New Madrid fault zone are typically not constructed to withstand major earthquakes. If we were to see the type of earthquake that we saw a little over two centuries ago, it would be a disaster unlike anything that any of us have ever known. The following comes from WKRN, and it describes what those earthquakes back in 1811 and 1812 were like…

Can you believe that in the winter of 1811-1812 a series of earthquakes in northwest Tennessee shook the ground so hard that church bells rang on the East Coast and sidewalks cracked in Washington D.C?

The sitting president, James Madison, was even awakened in the middle of the night by the shaking of the White House.

In Tennessee, and surrounding states, the early settlers and Native American Indians were terrified by the shaking. Large fissures opened up in the ground, and some witnessed the Mississippi River appearing to flow backwards.

It is believed that those quakes shook an area ten times larger than that impacted by the 7.8 San Francisco earthquake of 1906. Some of the giant cracks that opened up in the ground were up to five miles long, and the stench of fire and brimstone hung in the air for months afterwards.

Fortunately, the middle of the country was not heavily populated in 1811 and 1812, so the overall amount of damage was not that great. The following comes from Smithsonian.com

The Midwest was sparsely populated, and deaths were few. But 8-year-old Godfrey Lesieur saw the ground “rolling in waves.” Michael Braunm observed the river suddenly rise up “like a great loaf of bread to the height of many feet.” Sections of riverbed below the Mississippi rose so high that part of the river ran backward. Thousands of fissures ripped open fields, and geysers burst from the earth, spewing sand, water, mud and coal high into the air.

Needless to say, if such a disaster happened today the damage would be absolutely catastrophic.

This is something that government officials have studied, and their conclusions are rather sobering

In a report filed in November 2008, the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency warned that a serious earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone could result in “the highest economic losses due to a natural disaster in the United States,” further predicting “widespread and catastrophic” damage across Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, and particularly Tennessee, where a 7.7 magnitude quake or greater would cause damage to tens of thousands of structures affecting water distribution, transportation systems, and other vital infrastructure.

Do you remember how traumatized people were when a few thousand Americans were killed on 9/11?

Well, how would the country react to a disaster that killed 100,000 Americans instantly?

A few years ago, the federal government held a major five day simulation known as “National Level Exercise 11” that attempted to portray what a major New Madrid earthquake would look like…

In May, the federal government simulated an earthquake so massive, it killed 100,000 Midwesterners instantly, and forced more than 7 million people out of their homes. At the time, National Level Exercise 11 went largely unnoticed; the scenario seemed too far-fetched — states like Illinois and Missouri are in the middle of a tectonic plate, not at the edge of one. A major quake happens there once every several generations.

Could you imagine what that would mean for our nation?

In addition to the human toll, financial markets would completely collapse, key infrastructure throughout the region would be totally destroyed, and transportation on and across the Mississippi River would be brought to a standstill. According to international insurance giant Swiss Re, if the 1811 and 1812 New Madrid earthquakes were to happen today, the economic losses alone would be in the hundreds of billions of dollars

A series of big shakes — of the sort last seen in 1811 and 1812 — would cause about $300 billion in damage, Swiss Re says. The cost would be double the damage from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in 2005.

Houses — especially brick ones — would collapse. Buildings would sink sideways into liquefying earth. Bridges might tumble into the rivers. The route of the Mississippi River could change — as it did in the last big quake.

People would die, perhaps by the thousands. Being mainly a property reinsurer, Swiss Re didn’t estimate the human toll.

It is also important to remember that there are 15 nuclear reactors along the New Madrid fault zone.

If a major earthquake did hit the area, we could be looking at Fukushima times 15.

Scientists tell us that there is a very deep “scar” in the earth in this region that makes the New Madrid fault zone “mechanically weaker than much of the rest of North America”. The following comes from Wikipedia

The faults responsible for the New Madrid Seismic Zone are embedded in a subsurface geological feature known as the Reelfoot Rift that formed during the breakup of the supercontinent Rodinia in the Neoproterozoic Era (about 750 million years ago). The resulting rift system failed to split the continent, but has remained as an aulacogen (a scar or zone of weakness) deep underground, and its ancient faults appear to have made the Earth’s crust in the New Madrid area mechanically weaker than much of the rest of North America.

This relative weakness is important, because it would allow the relatively small east-west compressive forces associated with the continuing continental drift of the North American plate to reactivate old faults around New Madrid, making the area unusually prone to earthquakes in spite of it being far from the nearest tectonic plate boundary.

I believe that a major New Madrid earthquake is coming. That is one of the reasons why I included such an earthquake in my novel. Those that choose to live in that region are literally sitting on top of a ticking time bomb, and at some point it is going to blow.

Of course I wouldn’t want to be living on the west coast right now either. The shaking of our planet continues to intensify, and this is going to cause great tragedies in the United States during the years ahead.

The warning signs are all around us. In 2015, the state of Oklahoma shattered their all-time record for earthquakes in a single year, and volcanoes that were thought to be totally dormant are now erupting again all over the planet.

A great shaking is coming to America very soon.

I hope that you are ready.

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  1. God has spoken in a prophetic word, as we try pushing Israel into giving land away, (Splitting her up) He said, He will split us right down the middle…and He has also shown to me 2 tsunamies clashing at the same time, as we have not ever seen before…So, this article has my attention.

  2. @Syrin, because Cascadia has a history of large quakes every 350 to 500 years and it has been about that amount of time since the last one. I didn’t look up the exact numbers, you’ll have to do that for yourself.

    • the same happened with the citizents it Italy. when actually the quake came they were too many fiatalities because the houses were not approproiate to withstand a major quake of 6.2 R

    • Yeah but the Midwest just had a record breaking earthquake and this was written back in January. Good prediction if you ask me.

    • The Pawnee OK quake and the New Madrid Fault have nothing to do with each other and are separated by over 500 miles and a mountain range (Ozarks). These two fault lines are not connected or related. A sizeable percentage of building in the New Madrid area are over 30 years old and not built with earthquakes in mind. However, newer constructions have been built with some degree of quake-proofing. My point is, people cannot live in fear of something that may or may-not happen. They can prepare as best they can which I am sure that a lot of the residents of that area do have general preparedness plans in place.

      • Exactly. Live your life well and get good with God, or whatever you believe in. Yellowstone Park is going to blow someday too, and has the potential to be a planet killer. Just be happy, people, and work on the things you can do something about.

    • If it happened once it can happen again, I have lived through several earthquakes and they are so very scary….

  3. The reason for the recent Oklahoma earthquake had to do with all the fracking that they’ve been doing out that way. Do a Google Search on fracking, see what they’re doing to the Earth when they do this, and why it’s dangerous for them to continue to do it, because they’re going to inadvertently trigger it.

  4. I don’t if any of you know of David Wilkerson, who is no longer with us, he was an extraordinary man of God who has an exceptional record of hearing God and giving consistently accurate predictions.

    Shortly before he died he gave one final warning about the largest earthquake ever recorded occurring in the vacinity of New York City. This would be a 9.6 or greater which in turn he said would trigger other earthquakes across the country
    So…..how about if New Madrid , Yellow Stone and San Andreas all joined in?
    What time estimate? Any time now.

    That would be the end of America as we know it.

  5. The Oklahoma earthquake sits in the Humboldt Fault zone and, according to local experts was not affected by any oilfield activity as the media would have you believe.

  6. It is not fracking. Fracturing wells is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT procedure from hauling waste water to disposal wells to be injected back into the ground. THESE PROCESSES HAPPEN AT TOTALLY DIFFERENT TIMES, AND IN TOTALLY DIFFERENT PLACES. Fracking happens to the hole in the ground after pipe is cemented unto place to prevent ground water contamination. Fracking is not happening into any of the fault zones in Oklahoma. After the well is placed into production, some wells produce waste water. That water is hauled away to a Disposal well. A few of Oklahoma’s disposal wells are injecting into the Arbuckle formation, which sits on a fault. Those are being shut down. A more realistic view would include a close look at the New Madrid fault zone, and a willingness to include the now OVERDUE earthquake which has been building along that fault as a possible and even probable source of the problem! I know it is politically correct to blame fracking. But lets don’t be so politically correct we refuse to deal in the reality of any situation…

  7. I live in Stoddard Co. Mo. and I’m not the least bit concerned. Life is fragile as it was when my Dad served in WE2. He was there when Mt.Aetna blew. His comments were, “we had a Volcano behind us and the whole damn German Army in front and we decided the best thing to do was to fight our way out of there”.

  8. Buy an earthquake rider for your home insurance; there’s a large deductible, 12K, but it’s better than being totally wiped out and still owing a mortgage. I live in this area and we’ve had small quakes before, very startling when it occurs. Be wise, be prepared.

    Interesting how this author uses science when it conforms to his world view, but rails against it when it doesn’t. Proof that he knows better.

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