Cancer Cure Discovered?: Australian Scientists Claim ‘Cancer Cells Simply Melt Away’

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Cancer patients are finally catching a break, as Australian researchers have tested a miracle drug that leads to big improvement in a majority of cases, and total recovery in some. The drug targets a specific protein that helps cancer cells survive.

The Melbourne-based trial took place over four years and tested 116 patients. It was shown by researchers at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre that the drug Venetoclax can greatly reduce cancer blood cells.

Positive results were seen in 79 percent of cases involving patients suffering from chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Some patients who had previously undergone treatment were left as good as new after agreeing to the new pill trials.

This is indeed historic news, as it marks the first trial of a medicine that is the result of three decades of research. “Here we are a bit under 30 years later in collaboration with WEHI and pharmaceutical companies here and in the US having proved that’s achievable,” head of haemotology, Professor John Seymour, told the Sydney Morning Herald.

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6 thoughts on “Cancer Cure Discovered?: Australian Scientists Claim ‘Cancer Cells Simply Melt Away’”

  1. There are about 100 leukemias and lymphomas. The bcl-2 mechanism is common among a lot of cancers but it is no where near ubiquitous. There will be many many cancers that don’t respond to this.

  2. We already have a cure for cancer; it’s called vitamin C. Search for “Dr Thomas Levy” and “liposomal vitamin C” on youtube.

  3. The problem I see is that the medical profession makes huge amounts of money by not curing cancer using chemotherapy and surgery.
    Picture a medical/legal situation that actually discourages real cures to disease.
    Picture bleeding patients with leeches because that is how barbaric the current only “legal” way to cure cancer is.
    Surgeons make billions in this country by cutting early cancers out of the body to “cure” patients.
    IF someone came up with an aspirin drug that did the same thing I expect it to be lied about and made illegal because people make money from cancer.
    The great cash cows of medicine rule.
    Ever wonder why checking glucose levels for a type two diabetic are still using test strips?
    It is mainly because each strip is expensive.
    We could have resolved that test strip situation electronically over 20 years ago.
    There are cures out there for type II diabetes.
    Yet we are either keeping them off the market or something is happening. You do not spend billions in research and come up with nothing. Unless it is a life time job for a lab person and a doctor.
    Until we make medicine non commercial or make finding a cure for disease profitable nothing will change. The current financial situation is that doctors do not make enough money. That is because the entire financial insurance situation is sick.
    It takes a person a lot of money to become a doctor. Recovering that education expense takes years. Our entire system is wrong. We need a system that takes the burden of educating doctors off the people being trained.
    We need a universal system of paying for the doctors services that does not break people up financially. The only way I know to do that is going to be something akin to Social Security that gives us a universal system of health insurance that covers everything a doctor needs to do to make people healthy.
    Personally qualifying people by income is the wrong way to go. We need a way of encouraging people to work not pushing them all onto welfare of one kind or another.
    We need a universal system of paying for prescriptions that brings the price down to a reasonable level and covers anything a doctor needs to prescribe.
    Not a system where there is a huge difference between what Canada pays and what we pay for the same medicine. One medicine I recently saw was $25 for a horse at twice the amount as for a human. Yet the prescription for a human with half the potency was about $75.
    Until we “cure” the system of medicine we currently have, no cash cow out there will ever be cured of anything. Instead the drug industry and the doctors will continue to maintain people rather than cure them of anything.

  4. it is amazing how now they release this information after all the proof has been exposed about cannabis oil which would be much cheaper and probably have much less side effects. can’t make much money from a simple plant but a man made drug can make a fortune

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