Another Major Terror Attack In The U.S. Very Likely?


A grisly video released Tuesday shows Islamic State militants beheading American journalist James Foley with a small knife in a 7 minute video in what the extremists called retribution for recent U.S. airstrikes in Iraq.

The militants threatened to kill another captive they also identified as an American journalist, if Obama doesn’t act.

Terrorism is on the rise.
There are more terrorists today than at any time in history.
And their numbers are increasing.
The terrorists control more territory than they’ve ever controlled.

We, the people who suffered an attack on 9-11 said, “That will never happen again.” 

But how is that being prevented? It’s not. These are the reasons we will be attacked again:

“It’s just horrible. This is the most vicious terrorist organization that we’ve ever encountered,” McCain, R-Ariz., told The Arizona Republic. “This president has ignored the threat for a long period of time, and now we’re paying the price.”

While Obama has authorized some military action against ISIS, including airstrikes, it is insufficient and inevitably the United States will have to escalate, McCain said.

ISIS has now grown into the world’s largest and richest terror organization that boasts “a huge inventory of American equipment that they captured from the Iraqis,” he said.

“The more he (Obama) delays and the more he acts incrementally, the more ISIS adjusts and the more difficult they will become,” McCain said.

Mark Levin says, “The terrorists control more territory than they’ve ever controlled.  The terrorist have more money than they’ve ever had. They control oil; they’ve knocked off banks. They have hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars and the potential to get more. These terrorists own more weapons and better weapons than ever before.”

“We are unilaterally disarming against this enemy.
The United States military is being so badly degraded that it will not be able to respond to 2 different threats in 2 different parts of the world.”

PictureMark Levin wrote:”Ameritopia” & “Liberty and Tyranny”

We are going to suffer another 9-11 terrorist type attack in the U.S.  So says Mark Levin on 8/13/14, a famous writer who hosts one of the top talk radio shows:”The United States military, the army, in this case will have lower numbers of combat ready soldiers than since before WWI. The U.S. Navy, that reached a peak of over 600 ships under Ronald Reagan, will have 283 ships by the time Obama is done.

We are disarming, we are becoming isolated, we’re abandoning our allies, and we are leaving big chunks of the world for these terrorists to become stronger and stronger  and stronger, Well, you might say, “That’s none of our business.” Of course it’s our business. We’ve already suffered as a result of these people, these sub-humans, these barbarians, I should say.

” The army will have lower numbers of combat ready soldiers than since before WWI. The U.S. Navy,
that reached a peak of over 600 ships
under Ronald Reagan,  will have 283 ships
by the time Obama is done. ”

What else are we doing in the face of this? We’re abandoning our own boarder. All this hogwash about “We have more men and women guarding the boarder than ever before.” That’ a lie! All this hogwash that we’ve deported more people than ever before. That’s a lie! Our politicians will not build a secure system for the boarder, even after 9-11.

The whole issue’s become politicized. Now, if you support a secure border, the deportation of people flowing over the border- you hate Latinos. The Republican party has been meak, timid in the face of this, and now they’ve thrown in with the amnesty crowd. So NOBODY in government supports securing the border.

I’m  going to tell you something, I’ve said it several times before, but I’m going to underscore it right now. Folks, I am telling you, as somebody who’s served in the highest levels of the United States justice department, under a real president and a real attorney general.

That when you have a ubiquitous enemy like this, of terrorists, who hide among the people, when you have a porous border, as we do, as a matter of public policy, when you are degrading the military when the enemy is on the rise, we are going to suffer another grievous attack, right here in the United States of America.

The President will not act, Congress will not act – nobody’s acting.

Article authored by Carol Serpa. You can find the original story right here.

1 thought on “Another Major Terror Attack In The U.S. Very Likely?”

  1. Isn’t it obvious that this is the plan? The government is encouraging a strike to recruit money for a huge military increase and a war with the ISIS in that region of the world.
    Same thing happened with 9/11. Though Bush had no idea what was going on. He wasn’t part of the plot against the American People as witnessed by him being in a classroom full of children at the time it happened. Either that or he was an academy award winning actor.
    If this happened in this country like what has happened in the Middle East, it would be a fanatical Puritan movement against any form of nudity. Because basically in the harsh environment of the Middle East, they are insisting on their old time value system. They are willing to get it by eliminating anyone with Western values. So that includes Europe as well as America. What makes this “Puritan” system attractive is that it appeals to the older generation as well that remembers times when everyone was Muslim around them.
    WE are socially in the same group as a bunch of animals that can talk to this group.
    As such they have no need to honor any promises or contracts with us.
    This rebellion against the Western Value system has come about because they feel threatened by our system.
    What is likely to happen is that the Muslim system of values world wide will be shook to the core. There are many British Subjects of Muslim religion that are now joining the fight in the MIddle East on the side of the ISIS. Britain has said that they think one of their subjects(citizens) may have cut that Journalist’s head off. He had a British accent in his speech.
    So much for innocent Muslims in many areas of the world. The problem is that this core value that the ISIS is portraying is attractive to young people of that faith all over the world.
    Muslims in other countries like to say these people do not represent them and that they are barbaric. What they are doing is horrible and they are the few rotten apples in the barrel.
    I say that you cannot trust any of them.
    This is basically a reaction to exposure to the Western World and its many Christian Churches in our side of the world. They see us as a threat to their very way of living. That includes every religion out there that is not Muslim.
    The answer they have come up with is to force anyone under their control to convert to Muslim Beliefs. That eventually means China, India, and the USSR as well. For now they are warring against the United States, Britain, Canada, and any catholic nation out there.
    Their answer is death to anyone that will not convert.
    At least that is the way I see it coming down from the numerous reports over the internet that we are seeing. The main stream media is useless. I can get more information from Pravda in Moscow.
    Unfortunately, this group is likely to own the oil industry before it is over with.
    ISIS is World War III.
    The question becomes who is going to be fighting this war? Because the reality check is if you are not their brand of Muslim, then they are eventually going to go to war with all of you out there.
    Not today, not tomorrow, but soon, coming to a nation near you, this entire terror organization will be fighting all of us.
    What is going to happen down the road this is leading to? I suggest that the phrase,
    “The only good Muslim is a DEAD Muslim.” will becoming to a place near you in the very near future.

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