Teacher Admits He Helped Write Common Core To End ‘White Privilege’

Common Core Math

(Conservative Videos) A teacher told attendees at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics Monday night that he helped write the controversial Common Core education standards to end white privilege. Dr. David Pook, a professor at Granite State College and chair of the History department at The Derryfield School in Manchester, New Hampshire, argued in favor of Common Core. “The reason why I helped write the standards and the reason why I am here today is that as a white male in society I am given a lot of privilege that I didn’t earn.” Ironically, the $28,535 per year Derryfield School that Dr. Pook teaches at considers the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) inferior and does not use them on the student body that is 91% white.

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  1. No wonder we’re a nation of idiots with a dumb-ass like this lowering the standard.

    “‘White Privilege”? Loons like this guy who is suffering from white mans guilt is destroying our country’s education system. We are laughing stock to the whole world.

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