Army Officer Barred From Wearing ‘Offensive’ Uniform At Daughter’s High School

Army Uniform - U.S. Army

A 24-year U.S. Army officer was denied entry to his daughter’s high school because his uniform may “offend another student,” according to the school’s security.

After trying to escort his daughter into Rochester Adams High School in Rochester, Mich., Lieutenant Colonel Sherwood Baker was told by security that if he wanted to enter the school, he would have to go home and change out of his uniform.

“Before he was allowed in, the security guard stopped him and said ‘sorry, you’re not allowed in the school,’” Baker’s wife, Rachel Ferhadson, told My Fox Detroit. “Security told him men and women in uniform weren’t allowed because it may offend another student.”

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2 thoughts on “Army Officer Barred From Wearing ‘Offensive’ Uniform At Daughter’s High School”

  1. I wonder what the Rutherford Institute has to say about that?
    Last I checked we had a Constitution in this country.
    Part of that constitution says that you have the right to face your accusers.
    I suggest the public get involved by taking away all funding for the school until they comply with the Constitution of this country.

    I suggest that they are way out of line.
    I would like to know who is sponsoring this policy? If it is the principal of the school, then we need to figure out how he is qualified to teach children. Perhaps he can be fired if he is found incompetent to teach children.

  2. I think we need to have a trade jobs month at his school. I think the people behind this should trade places with the man in Uniform with an exclusive tour of Iraq at the front lines.

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