Barack Obama once again refuses to call battle with terrorists a war against radical Islam

Barack Obama Muslim Praying

President Obama has again refused to call the battle with terrorism in the Middle East a war against radical Islam.

In his latest interview, the Commander-in-Chief agrees certain factions have perverted the religion having embraced a ‘nihilistic, violent, almost medieval interpretation of Islam’

But he insists that such labels hurt efforts to root out radical ideologies in Muslim communities which have been tainted by groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda.

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1 thought on “Barack Obama once again refuses to call battle with terrorists a war against radical Islam”

  1. The problem is that the official religion of the Muslim is divided into groups just as Christianity is divided into groups like Catholic, Protestant, and Jews. Each one has an interpretation of what their good book says is true.
    In accordance with certain isolated sections of the Koran they all have interpreted they believe that violence against other religions is rewarded by heaven and being martryed in the cause of that religion brings reward after death.
    But what if this is simply lies to misinform people? Imagine getting to judgment and God presides over this judgment. Then what? If they were right, then they go to paradise. But if they are wrong . . . then they end up in Hell. With all that implies.
    The problem becomes one of getting a name. Because that name paints all. The good, the bad, and the ugly actions of this group are painted in a uniform name.
    So even the good Muslims end up painted as bad before the eyes of the world. This is sad because somewhere down the road the misdeeds of the really bad group will be reflected to the moderate group as well. And when the entire world reacts to that bad group then the good will die with the bad.
    Right now this bad group is known for beheadings, crucifixion, kidnapping young women, killing hostages out of hand, and many more crimes against humanity. They appeal to misinformed young people and are actively at war with the rest of the world. Well, that world is about to wake up and find these groups in their backyards. When that happens the reaction will be to take rifles and kill them out of hand. Our nation is not that far removed from a very violent past. And the violent actions of a few, will bring down the wrath of the many.
    Not everyone is afraid to die. And not everyone is afraid to defend themselves against this barbaric violent group of people. There is many a person here that grew up with a squirrel gun in their hands. And they are deadly accurate with those rifles.
    The tragic circumstance here is that the innocent people of Muslim faith will suffer right along with the violent idiots out there.

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