Bill Passed: EPA Must Take Advice from Industry Shills, NOT from Independent Scientists

EPA Must Take Advice from Industry Shills, NOT from Independent Scientists

The Environmental Protection Agency is a federal agency that is charged with the responsibility of writing and enforcing legislation to protect human health and the environment.  Established under Nixon in 1970, the EPA is another one of those agencies that sounds like a good idea, until you peel off the shiny friendly top layer to discover the stench of corruption underneath. Up until now, they at least pretended to be there to serve as watchdogs, but it seems like they’ve decided to give up on that silly illusion.

Since they are looking after all things environmental, they need unbiased specialists to advise them on policies and issues.

Silly me, I always thought that sounded sort of…I dunno…science-y.

Our estimable House of Representatives disagrees.

Apparently they feel the EPA should not take advice from independent scientists at all. In fact, they believe it so strongly that they just passed a bill barring the freaking ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY from taking the advice of independent scientists. They are now expected to take their advice from people who are “industry affiliated.” Oh – and those people don’t actually have to be scientists at all.

Yeah. Because that’s not a conflict of interest.

Certainly people who work for companies like Monsanto or Dupont will be diligent in ensuring a healthy environment, even if it costs their companies extra money, right?  I’m sure those folks that work for companies that indulge in fracking will absolutely halt it if it seems like it’s causing problems with the groundwater or something. No matter what the cost to their companies, we can all feel confident that they’ll stringently do what’s right.

A bill passed through the US House of Representatives is designed to prevent qualified, independent scientists from advising the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They will be replaced with industry affiliated choices, who may or may not have relevant scientific expertise, but whose paychecks benefit from telling the EPA what their employers want to hear.

The EPA’s Science Advisory Board (SAB) was established in 1978 to ensure the EPA uses the most up to date and relevant scientific research for its decision making and that the EPA’s programs reflect this advice. It has served in this role, most often uncontroversially, through 36 years and six presidents. If the new bill passes the Senate and wins presidential approval, however, that is about to change.

The bill would prevent scientists from voting on the release into the environment of a chemical by their employers. Nevertheless, they would be allowed to vote to release a nearly identical chemical, Grifo notes, including some that would set a precedent that would be very useful to the company in future decisions.

More insidiously, research scientists are barred under the act from advising on any topic that might “directly or indirectly involve review and evaluation of their own work”. In other words, the only people barred from advising the EPA on a particular chemical are those who have actually studied its toxicity or effect on the environment. (source)

How does it even make the slightest bit of sense to have the foxes that financially benefit in charge of this particular hen house? How can they possibly justify this decision?

One controversy after another can be attributed to the EPA, an agency charged with protecting the air we breathe, the soil in which we grow our food and the water that we drink.  Despite irrefutable proof that glyphosate causes cancer, the EPA  increased the amount allowed to be used agriculturally.  They regulate everyday folks, forcing upgrades of woodstoves, while allowing big businesses to pollute in far more spectacular an amount than a self-sufficient family could ever create.  When the radiation from Fukushima became alarmingly high on our shores, the EPA was right on top of things with their response. First, they promptly closed down 8 of 18 radiation measuring stations in the hardest hit area, California.  Then, to further calm the good people of the nation, the EPA magically changed the numbers.  They’ve raised the amount of radiation that we can safely absorb and ingest.  It wouldn’t do for the large factory farms to be unable to sell their tainted produce or for the huge dairies to be stuck with all that radioactive milk. In fact, the radiation in our food supply was of so little concern to the EPA that they began to tell us that a little bit of radiation is good for us. According to a report citing the EPA, a bit of radiation can prevent cancer, instead of causing it.

At the bottom of each controversy can be found ties to the conspiracies of the big businesses that really run the country.  Decisions are being auctioned off to industry lobbyists with the most money and influence.

And now, the elected officials in the House of Representatives have just sanctioned a blatant corporate takeover of the EPA.  They aren’t even pretending to be protecting the environment now.

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1 thought on “Bill Passed: EPA Must Take Advice from Industry Shills, NOT from Independent Scientists”

  1. In last night’s episode of the Newsroom on HBO a quiet bombshell was dropped.
    The story line is that a young female reporter got the scoop on over hearing a private conversation in a railroad car. She refused to use it on ethical grounds. The man was the top person currently at the EPA. They haven’t appointed a director since Obama was elected. The man was so impressed that he gave her a real scoop directly from the hands of a highly qualified scientist. That scientist was himself. Several master degrees, highly qualified, and very upset.
    In the story it is too late. The CO2 levels had gone beyond redemption. Within a few years no one would be able to breathe no matter what solution they came up with. CO2 higher than it has been in over 3 million years. Ocean levels possibly 80 feet over what they are right now as the climate warmed up. He described it as running a car engine in a garage with the door closed.
    Of course, this is all fiction, right? When asked if he was in trouble releasing this information his comment was “Who gives a damned.” In other words even if they put him in jail, it was too late. The planet was doomed.
    The problem with fiction is that it often times reflects or mirrors reality. One of the descriptions was weird weather and high winds. Huge temperature variations. Hey! That just happened last night in my neighborhood. If that had been snow instead of rain there would be at least a foot of snow on the ground right now. Possibly much more than that.
    They let that story line hang. Said little more about it. But I have to wonder how much truth was behind the fictional account on a newsroom.
    I worked at a newspaper in the proofroom. I worked advertising and just about every kind of skill that a newspaper printer had to know was at my fingertips. When a huge story broke, we were all on the edge of our seats. I often typed on a teletype the very stories we put together and we often corrected grammar and spelling errors back then. We all make those. I am making them as we write.
    The House of Representatives right now is in the hands of the corporations. They are not Republican Christians by their actions. Just like the Demoncrats are not. So where are we represented? Because I for one do not see representation of my views or anyone else’s views.
    What I see is a mammoth machine, dinosaurs all, and they take their instructions from big money interests not anyone out there with average income. The Republicans are professionals. Just like the House down the street in Atlanta. They are also professionals. Professionals all have one thing in common. They hire the best that money can buy. And that is a good description of the wealthy person’s party. They hire the best that money can buy to make them look good.
    I am sure these same interests will be in nuclear powered shelters 400 feet or more beneath a mountain range if the atmosphere dies. By dying it is defined as unbreathable. Or they might even be in Antarctica sunning themselves behind glass as the temperatures outside are in the 80s at the pole. The north pole will be under water. The south pole has mountain ranges.
    I know the solution to the problem. But I think outside the box a lot of the time. And the solution is not cheap at all. It will mean a major turn around in everything we do all over the planet. You do not have enough money to hire me to put together a solution that will work. I have limited amounts of time left to me on this planet. As a 72 year old type 2 diabetic I may have 20 years left before they start amputating limbs and going blind because they will not go after a cure. Yes, I accuse them of deliberately not finding cures for anything that makes them huge sums of money. “They” being anyone that has anything to do with the medical industry including researchers, doctors, drug companies, you name it!
    There can be no exceptions on any nationality period. That means India, China, Korea, Indonesia, and any other place you name. Because anyone out there polluting the atmosphere and increasing those levels of CO2 will have to be stopped. It does not make sense to have an EPA if no one else does. We have at least 4 truckloads full of bureaucratic nonsense involved with the current EPA passed by various Congresses. Many of which directly contradict one another. That is the huge dinosaur upon which we sit. The IRS is not much better.
    Anyone with that kind of power in government is a direct conflict with everything the constitution of this country attempted to do. Limit the power of government to the point where it allows people to live relatively free lives.
    Where did we go wrong? I suggest we went wrong when it became a rich aristocrat club of the wealthy people of this country.
    Our original constitution and government was put together by criminals for criminals. In the accidental government that came about, most people had a relatively good amount of individual freedom to do just about anything they want outside of robbing trains and out right fraud.
    Even out right fraud was tolerated at various times. This was all put together by the Adams Family of the 1790s. They owned at least 31 ships of the merchant line smuggling goods past the British Navy for profit.
    The biggest problem I can see with that was the outrageous ego of the American Government at the time. We went to war in 1812 with the British and they cleaned our clocks for us. Then handed the country back to us. We did win a battle in New Orleans. How far south is that for a foreign government to be able to go on our shores? The British at the time were the ruling nation with both professional navy and army personnel.
    Needless to say, they learned a good lesson there in the war of 1812. No matter how good you think you are, there might be someone better at fighting wars.
    Our current problem is ego of the government all powerful all over the world. As they say in the musical, “It Ain’t Necessarily So.”
    What has to happen if we want to breathe in the next 40 years is we have to clean up the atmosphere one way or another.

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