“Brace Yourself And Endure To The End”: Pastor Dana Coverstone Was Given A Prophetic Dream About Coming Persecution

Over the past several days, the video where Pastor Dana Coverstone shared the prophetic dreams that he was given regarding 2020, the upcoming election and events beyond November has gone mega-viral.  The post that I did about those dreams on this site has gotten a ton of attention, and the video on YouTube has now been viewed more than 330,000 times.  In addition, people on Facebook have been sharing that first video like crazy.  Day and night I have been hearing from people that want me to watch the video, but of course I have already watched it and written about it.

Following the first video, Pastor Dana released a second video in which he shared another dream that he had about coming persecution.  It is also very powerful, and I encourage everyone to share this very important message with everyone that they can.