Brazilians hoard water, prepare for possible drastic rationing

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Brazilians are hoarding water in their apartments, drilling homemade wells and taking other emergency measures to prepare for forced rationing that appears likely and could leave taps dry for up to five days a week because of a drought.

In São Paulo, the country’s largest city with a metropolitan area of 20 million people, the main reservoir is at just 6 percent of capacity with the peak of the rainy season now past.

Other cities in Brazil’s heavily populated southeast such as Rio de Janeiro face less dire shortages but could also see rationing.

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1 thought on “Brazilians hoard water, prepare for possible drastic rationing”

  1. Water, water, everywhere there is water, yet none of it is fit to drink. I refer of course to the Atlantic Ocean.
    I think I would also be looking at how much is flushed down the toilets every day. Some people are putting salt water toilets together because of droughts.
    And how much tree planting they have done to restore the rain forests they have destroyed? Because it is now coming back to hit them hard.
    My own suggestion is that we all need to start planting as many trees as we have room for in our yards and in a manner that still allows us to mow our yards without problems.
    Trees will help with droughts.
    I suggest also that carrots are a good plant to have around. They also are great little air cleaners and they produce a lot of oxygen. One day they may be around every fence in everyone’s yards.

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