Brutal female police enforce ISIS sharia vision on women of caliphate

The Caliphate On The March - ISIS Media Hub

The Islamic State’s bid to impose Dark Ages law on the women within its so-called caliphate depends on a merciless cadre of young women who roam the streets of Raqqa, terrorizing females who fall short of the standard of strict Shariah.

Known as the Al-Khansa brigade, the group consists of about 60 armed women between the ages of 18 and 24 who patrol the Islamic State’s Syrian stronghold. Their job, which they are said to perform with cruel relish, is to arrest and beat women who commit such transgressions as allowing ankles or wrists to show or being seen without a male chaperone.

“This is a case of the morality police enforcing their strict version of Islam on other woman,” said Dan O’Shea, of GROM Technologies, a Florida-based international security firm specializing in recovering kidnap victims. “This is all part of ISIS’ social media campaign and (the brand) they are trying to sell.”

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