California Forces Churches to Fund Abortions

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First, the mayor of Houston flagrantly violated clergy’s First Amendment rights, when she subpoenaed sermons, and she still refuses to rescind her mandate. And now California government officials are forcing churches and other faith-based organizations to fund abortions. What’s next?

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), the California Department of Managed Health Care has required that all insurance plans in the Golden State cover abortions immediately. The kicker is that California churches are no longer exempt from providing such coverage for their employees — despite the fact that earlier this year, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare cannot force its abortion-prompting contraceptives down the throats of faith-based nonprofits.

Casey Mattox, an attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom, explained the bizarre nature of this new California law to The Blaze. Churches “don’t have to provide contraception, but they have to provide abortion.” He explained in The Federalist that the origin for the decree was the American Civil Liberties Union’s pushing California officials to reclassify elective abortion as “basic health services.”

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2 thoughts on “California Forces Churches to Fund Abortions”

  1. Since when is murder a basic health service? The court is way out of line.
    How do you fire a judge? Because as near as I can see, they are exempt from all laws themselves. They have life time jobs in trust no matter how they rule or how ridiculous it is.
    I suggest anyone having an abortion is in violation of the “church” code of ethics. That has been grounds for dismissal and is a well-established right of Christian Employers for many years. I would bet that the lawyers disagree with me on this one too.
    I know of a Pizza Company that is owned by a very religious Catholic family. When a friend of mine got divorced for the cause of adultry by her husband she was fired from her job as a manager of the Pizza House where she worked because she was divorced. She did not challenge it.
    This occurred in the 1970s. So this “right” to fire employees goes back many years.
    AS a member of management, she was at the mercy of her employer. Most of us are at mercy of our employers anyway. I have been retired since 2007.
    It doesn’t even have to make any economic sense to fire someone. She was a very good store manager when this happened. Her store was quite profitable. It is gone now. That was not the only really bad economic decision they made.
    My own wife was let go after 41 years because she could not get around and hadn’t kept up with modern computers. She was forced into retirement.
    That cost the company where she worked approximately $100,000 dollars. She was in the wrong job and HR probably knew it. My wife was in a sales assistant job. She was one of the finest telephone sales people I have ever known. I have personally seen her take a very angry customer on the phone and not only turn him around, she actually had him buy more advertising.
    I came up with the $100,000 number because if she was in telephone sales that is approximately what she would have netted the company over a few years time. That figure is quite low. I know sales. I know production. She was very likely to become the best saleswoman in the company given the right territory.
    In the rush to do away with employees, many companies fail to see employees as assets. It is a big mistake. That is just one reason that many newspapers around the country are going under. Poor Management. They have the right to manage their own business just about any way they want to. They own it. So someone getting an abortion? They have the right to fire that person if they so choose. Even if it is wrong, the way our court system works it is unlikely they will get charged with anything. Especially if they get a bonus to retire and sell away their rights, which many people do.

  2. California is a hotbed of demonic activity.

    “Within the occult kingdom of the Earth there are ten major zones of psychic operations of the forces of darkness. Through these zones, the secret powers…are projected to operate on Earth. These ten occult zones of psychic operations are located at the following places. ”

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    VI. California in the United States,
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