Female Concealed Carry Up 793 Percent In One Colorado County

In El Paso County, Colorado—a county encompassing more than 2,158 square miles and the cities of Colorado Springs and Fountain—concealed carry for females jumped “793 percent” between 2005 and 2013. That is not a typo—it was a “793 percent” jump. According to Colorado Springs’ KKTV, area gun instructors have not been surprised by the jump.

‘I felt like a pimp’: Cosby insider ‘who guarded the comedian’s door after teen models were taken to his dressing room’ speaks out about his shame

A former NBC employee who says he used to keep guard outside Bill Cosby’s door after teenage models were taken to his dressing room has spoken out about his shame. Frank Scotti, who has also claimed that he funneled thousands of dollars to women the star favored, said some of the visitors were as young as 16. ‘I felt like a pimp,’ Scotti, now 90, told the Today show on Monday.

Who’s high-maintenance now?! New generation of vain men are more likely to get beauty treatments than women

The new generation of 30-something men have grown up with the likes of David Beckham and Brad Pitt as style icons, breeding thousands of copycats who no longer see spas as the domain of women. A survey released today reveals that a third of men would now describe themselves as vain. One in three men also admitted that they indulge in a beauty treatment at least once a month to maintain their looks, compared to just one in four women.