Change the Channel Like a Jedi: The Latest Force Behind Mind Control

Human Brain In A Lightbulb - Public Domain

On the laptop in front of me, a small cube floats on the screen. My instructor says to think “left,” and like a scene from “Star Wars,” I use my thoughts to move the cube left. I clear my mind and the cube returns to the center.

It’s not a Jedi mind trick. What I’m using is an application being developed by Accenture and Philips that could one day let consumers use their thoughts to control things in the home, such as turning off the lights or cranking up the volume on the TV.

In Accenture’s Amsterdam office, Bob Koppes, a consultant at the company, helped me sync up my thoughts with the software via a headset with 14 sensors dipped in lens fluid that cover my skull. This isn’t the most comfortable experience, but the headset’s developer, Emotiv, is working on a version that’s easier to wear.

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