Chief Rabbi: Jewish prayer on Temple Mount is crime punishable by death

Temple Mount - Public Domain

Shalom Aharon Baadani, the teen who died Friday after sustaining critical wounds in a terror attack at the Jerusalem light rail this week, was laid to rest at the city’s Givat Shaul cemetery.

Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef spoke at the boy’s funeral and centered his talk on the wave of violence that has swept through the capital.

He lashed out at Jews who go up to the Temple Mount, suggesting they played a role in the recent surge in violence, which has raised concerns of a possible third Palestinian intifada, or uprising. “We must stop this,” he said, directing his comments at Jewish worshipers who insist on praying at the contested site, despite the controversies it stirs. “Only then will the bloodshed end.”

The prominent rabbi went so far as to liken Jewish prayer atop the mountaintop that is holy to both Muslims and Jews, to a severe crime “punishable by death.”

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  1. I will just keep repeating this whenever I see a Temple Mount Article. The Temple was located 600 yds south of what is called The Temple Mount. The Temple Mount was actually the location of the Aponia Fortress the home of the 10th Roman Legion. Google ” New Evidence for the Site of the Temple in Jerusalem ” or get book by Bob Cornuke title TEMPLE. This is the greatest archeological error in history. The accurate Temple location was in the city of David and located over the Gihon Spring. The Temple could be rebuilt tomorrow. Be your own researcher and like me you will be amazed.

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