China Admits That It Has Nuclear Missiles That Can Reach The United States

Nuclear Explosion On The Horizon - Public Domain

China has admitted to owning a new ballistic missile that can deliver several nuclear warheads across continents, including to the U.S.

The Chinese administration had earlier denied owning the missile Dongfeng-41, or DF-41, which has a range of nearly 7,500 miles, making the intercontinental ballistic missile one of the most potent in the world, according to Agence France-Presse, or AFP. China had tested the DF-41 in 2012 and said that it was not targeting any country by testing it. In January, it had also tested a hypersonic missile-delivery vehicle designed to travel faster than the speed of sound and repeated that it was not targeted at any country.

The original post on the development was deleted from the Global Times, a state-run news agency, but the story reportedly quoted a military analyst as saying: “As the US continues to strengthen its missile defense system, developing third generation nuclear weapons capable of carrying multiple warheads is the trend,” according to AFP.

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1 thought on “China Admits That It Has Nuclear Missiles That Can Reach The United States”

  1. My missiles are bigger than your missiles?
    I can think of all kinds of reply to that.
    What if all missile technology were obsolete? Then what?
    What if? For instance we had weapons capable of destroying any missile before it could reach our shores. Laser Cannon comes to mind. Electro-Magnetic tech capable of causing the atomic bombs to explode where they are housed in China. That involves space technology and no place on the face of the planet is safe from that tech either here or abroad.
    This is not 1946. The tech world has long past the point where any one knows exactly what we have ready to defend ourselves. The worst weapon in human history is Babel. That is where someone invented a weapon that confused our ability to talk with one another. Possibly with some form of Electronic Tech. Probably took a civilization world wide and put it right back to basics of survival. Now who is capable of doing something like that? If it sounds like Science Fiction, the truth is often worst than any fiction out there.
    There is also the economic ramifications of killing off your best customer. What kind of idiot wants to do something like that? I guess all those Chinese people making their living selling products to us don’t count. Well, then you will have massive starvation going on afterwards.
    That should really be popular with your own nationals.
    Then, the two partners in this crime, will face off against one another? Russia and China at war with one another? At the very best of times, the two nations have a rocky past.
    Who picks up the pieces after it is all over with?
    Until the vast differences between people everywhere is resolved and we have peace across the planet, no one nation is safe for anyone.
    Massive forces are not the answer to problems.

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