China Deploys Soldiers to South Sudan to Protect Oil Interests

Chinese Military

China is deploying 700 soldiers to South Sudan to protect the only oil fields “still under control of the central government in Juba.” The soldiers will also protect “Chinese workers and installations.”

The soldiers join a United Nations peacekeeping force and “will operate under UN command.”

According to The Wall Street Journal, this “deployment marks the first time Beijing has contributed a battalion to a U.N. peacekeeping force.” But the stakes are high. China’s National Petroleum Corporation has “a 40 percent stake in a joint venture that operates South Sudan’s vast oil fields,” and that venture is threatened by the current conflict between forces loyal to President Salva Kiir and those “loyal to his former vice president, Riek Machar.”

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1 thought on “China Deploys Soldiers to South Sudan to Protect Oil Interests”

  1. I have predicted in the past that China and Russia will become deeply involved in the Middle East.
    Well, it is coming. Neither ISIS or any other nation in the area can stop them.
    Those soldiers from China are expendable. So are the next 20 million soldiers from China expendable. The nightmare is that no matter how many soldiers are killed, there are more to take their place from China.
    Couple that with higher technology weapons from Russia and you have an army that is probably unstoppable by conventional warfare means. We may place 300 soldiers in a region. China is quite capable of placing 300,000 soldiers in the same region without even touching the available bodies left in China.
    That was a lesson learned in Korea in the 50s war there. Nothing much has changed with the logistics of the situation.
    The real reason that has not happened is we are feeding China. Our retail market of Chinese goods is keeping their people from starving. The entire world is now feeding China with cheap retail goods that no one nation can compete with.
    They own all of us. We are the reason that China is not at war with the planet.
    Russia will soon find out that China is not their friend. But by then, it will be too late.
    Currently they are partners in crime. Russia wants Alaska back! Canada is a vast wasteland. It has major cities on both coasts. But central Canada is sparsely populated. No wonder with the weather conditions that far north.
    That makes Canada very vulnerable to attack by China. All it takes is a partnership between Russia and China that agrees on what territory goes to what victor in a war.
    So Russia allows China to move their army across Russian territory in return for Alaska.
    ‘China takes everything south of the Alaskan border.
    The question is really one of logistics. Do they need our money to survive? Or are we at a point where we can no longer afford to feed them?
    I see China taking over much of Northern Africa, the Sudan, and even making Turkey nervous.
    The only thing in their way of doing this is “who feeds China” and what it means to China.

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