China Offers Cash Reward For Turning In Christians

(Charisma) All eyes are on the upcoming meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and People’s Republic of China President Xi Jinping. But so much more is at stake beyond trade, says Save the Persecuted Christians, which advocates on behalf of 300 million Christians facing heavy persecution worldwide.

Thousands of Chinese Christians who suffer in silence and live in danger daily at the hands of a communist government in China must also remain at the forefront.

“Christians in China have a price on their head,” said Dede Laugesen, executive director of Save the Persecuted Christians. “The Chinese government routinely commits atrocities against Christian believers in China. As part of their ‘Return to Zero’ campaign, which has been launched to eradicate house churches from China, the CPC has offered a cash reward to those who turn in members of a vast network of underground churches and lead authorities to unofficial places of worship. These cash incentives are also part of a renewed nationwide effort to bring all religious groups under the control of the Communist Party. Additionally, large churches have been shuttered, and pastors are being thrown in prison. China’s government is attacking its own people for their faith. While Americans focus on trade wars, we must not turn a blind eye to the war being waged against Chinese Christians.” (Read More…)