Congressman Says Discovery Of Shocking Email ‘Likely to Start Impeachment of Obama’

Honk To Impeach - Public Domain

Recently, both Democrats and Republicans were outraged by the President’s decision to ignore the law on the prisoner exchange for Bergdahl. According to the law, the President was required to notify Congress before such action could be taken and he did not. However, the law allows the President to act without Congressional knowledge in cases of emergency. So, not surprisingly the President claimed the Bergdahl trade had been conducted out of an urgent emergency which gave him the legal permission to act.

According to Congressman Mulvaney, there is believed to be an email from officials inside the White House exclaiming, “The VA scandal is killing us and we need to move on the Bergdahl trade without going through Congress.” If this email exist and can be brought forward as evidence it will certainly eliminate the President’s claim that he acted in the event of an emergency. Given the bi-partisan furor which ensued after he took such unilateral action, it seems clear that this would be the best path for impeachment.

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