DNA Tests Were Performed On The Three-Fingered Nephilim Mummies Found In Peru, And The Results Were Shocking

It is easy to make outrageous claims, but it is much more difficult to produce evidence backing up those claims. That is why what just happened down in Peru is so important. Some time ago, the discovery of extremely bizarre three-fingered mummies down in Peru shook a lot of people up because they certainly did not appear to be human. But if they weren’t human, what were they, and where did they come from? And is it possible that they could be fakes? Well, these mummies were submitted for DNA testing, and then the results were revealed during a five hour television presentation down in Peru. And the DNA tests showed that the mummies are “authentic” and that they are definitely not human

On November 19, the people who have been studying the Peruvian three-fingered, possibly alien, maybe pregnant mummies since their discovery gave a nearly five-hour televised presentation on their latest findings and analyses at the Congress Hall of the Republic of Peru in Lima with at least one Peruvian MP present. “The black-legged mummies of Nazca are authentic. The demonstration by the results of the DNA analyzes, the scanners, the x-rays, the tomography. According to DNA analysis, scans and X-rays, the experts are confronted with the facts, the incredible “Little Grays” and Maria belong to two new species totally unknown until today. It is clear that we are facing an unexpected discovery and of interest to all humanity…

Unfortunately, so far the mainstream media in the western world is entirely ignoring this amazing discovery.

Here is a summary of that those examining the mummies discovered

DNA tests of the mummies show no relationship to any known human or animal

The bones of the mummies are hollow but rigid, similar to the structure of bird bones. There is visible wear at the joints between the bones which indicates that the beings were of advanced age and that they were actually alive – in other words, the mummies were not assembled from various parts.

3D scans of the insides of the mummies show that the bones, organs, muscles, fat, fat and possible eggs are in the proper locations for the creatures to have been living beings.

The data does not match any known species, making it highly likely that these are an unknown species with an evolutionary path separate from humans.

So now we have hard evidence of creatures that have “no relationship to any known human or animal”, and this discovery could turn everything that we know about the history of that part of the world completely upside down, and yet the mainstream media in the western world doesn’t want to talk about it.

These “Nephilim mummies” appear to be solid proof that humans co-existed alongside other intelligent creatures of some sort, and you would think that the scientific community would be greatly interested in trying to determine who they were and where they came from.

But since this discovery does not fit with any of the established narratives of the day, this discovery is being largely ignored, and that is a crying shame.

About the author: Michael Snyder is a nationally syndicated writer, media personality and political activist. He is publisher of The Most Important News and the author of four books including The Beginning Of The End and Living A Life That Really Matters.