Doctor: Ebola virus cases may be underreported by as much ‘double or triple’ – ‘more contagious than we’re being told’

Ebola Scare

With the possibility of the Ebola outbreak widening in the region and eventually spanning the globe, this writer reached out to Board Certified Internal Medicine specialist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez for more information. During an interview on Saturday’s “Pure Opelka” radio program, Rodriguez, the show’s frequent medical contributor, shared some of his concerns about the latest news in the Ebola story. “What’s scary is, it’s now in Nigeria, a country whose capital city has over ten million people,” he said. “And this was all caused by a person that landed there from Liberia.” In the brief discussion about the mysterious disease, Rodriguez shared some startling information, including, “This thing is a lot more contagious than we’re being given…or we’re being told about. What scares me the most, and I think I mentioned this before, doctors and nurses are the ones getting this, dying from it and transmitting it,” Rodriguez added. “So, I think there’s a lot more about Ebola and how it’s transmitted that we don’t know.” When Opelka asked “Dr. Jorge” about the numbers of patients who have contracted Ebola, his response could easily be cause for alarm. “The head of the CDC said, ‘It’s much worse than what’s being reported.’” He clarified his statement by adding, “The countries there have very poor medical facilities and reporting facilities. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s double or triple what we’re told.” Dr. Jorge’s segment starts at the 10:30 mark of the recording.

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