Dr. Maurice Sklar Just Had A Prophetic Experience Which Confirms What Pastor Dana Coverstone Was Shown

For those that have been waiting for prophetic confirmation of what Pastor Dana Coverstone was shown, we just got it.

Dr. Maurice Sklar is a highly decorated classical violinist, and his decades of ministry have earned him great respect throughout the Christian world.

I was already going to be featuring several of the incredible prophetic experiences that Dr. Sklar has had over the years in my upcoming book, but then I was made aware of one more that he just had.

As the calendar literally turned over to the second half of 2020, Dr. Sklar had an amazing vision that the Lord instructed him to immediately share with his audience.  The following is a transcription that my wife made of the first portion of that video.  I think that you will quickly realize why this prophetic experience is so important…

Right after midnight, I got a very strong word of warning, and also it was accompanied with a vision. This is the clearest The Lord has spoken to me in quite a while as far as current,… something current and the Lord says to me, He said, “Get on right now”.

It’s July 1, we just went into July 1, Then the Lord says that the next five months, up to the election, there is a coordinated planned, very, very deliberate, step by step takeover of the United States that the left and Marxism and the whole point is to stop President Trump from being reelected. They know, the democrats know, that they will lose the election.

There is an all out attempt. The Holy Spirit said to me, to overthrow the government,.. overthrow the whole thing. To stop, America as we know it. And, and the Lord says to not only, we have to pray, we have to fast and pray. We have the next five months. If we don’t have an intervention, which I believe God can do and I believe He wants to do. I believe that we are too, but I stand right now, as, as having seen the acceleration and the multiplication of this violence, coming out of the cities from the centers of the big cities out and and and this will not let up unless we have a miracle, … we need a miracle from God, because this unrest has just begun.

There’s, there is a,… I don’t know if it’s another form of this same China virus that we’ve experienced, it might be a new one or it may be just a resurgence, I don’t know, but I saw I saw ambulances. I saw hospitals being filled. I saw the shutdown of the schools, which are planning to open.

This whole this COVID thing is not a natural virus. This is a created, I saw it as a coordinated attack it really is and I’m not interested, or I don’t watch the conspiracy things I don’t, but I saw The Lord said “warn, warn, America, warn the church, warn the bride that this acceleration is very very serious.”

The Lord says ”America shall humble themselves before me.”

So far, so far, God has been merciful, and He’s holding back. The next level is going to hit. And when it does, it’ll make this look like a little picnic. This, the scope of the anarchy ….. I mean … I believe in the promises of God, I believe that God wants to protect us and He will. But, I’m also telling you, This will be an all out effort on the part of the satanic, try to take over, to prepare to bring bring America down before the great revival awakening. He knows it’s coming and to discourage, ..to discourage God’s people.

That’s why he told me the last 105 days, I’ve gone on and encouraged and, and where we’re reading and we are confessing the promises of God, we are, we are standing.

I believe God’s made a separation already, but this will not shield the world from the shakings that are soon to come. And like I said, it’s, we haven’t seen anything like what very likely come, I saw two.

The Lord said, “Get on now”,

I said yes sir. I’ll do it.

He said, he said, this is a good time to prepare yourself for this is the midnight hour right now. These are perilous times, and the attack of violence and lawlessness could very quickly,… AND with this disease,… AND then other things that are coming is going to shake America to the very core.

We must humble ourselves, we must pray.

The Lord said the Lord is coming, it’s already, it’s already, these things are set in motion. It’s been planned for a long time.

We need to cry out to God for His miracle intervention right now. I believe this scripture that says, when the enemy comes in like a flood. The Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.

I don’t like to predict doom and gloom when I saw what I saw, what I am to tell you is there’s another level that will come towards the end of the summer, an increase of these birth things and then there’s another one when we hit September.

Right now, the people of God, we must intercede like Abraham, he did for Sodom, I mean, take heed. Take heed and know that this is very real.

God shook me tonight. He shook me, and he said as we enter into July, this is on a razor edge. It could go either way. America can have a rebirth, even, … but not with this hardiness and pride and arrogance and defiance, no. And of course, we, we cannot stop all the birth pains, with our prayers, we, we are in the end times we’re in the last days, we are on the border of the tribulation. It has been restrained.

Things are going to the next level. The next things that happen, are not are not light, they’re not little, and the world has never seen, America has never seen. They’re not prepared. We’re not, we’ve not prepared because we’ve never had anything like it.

In the last seven years we’ve had nothing but ease and prosperity, and pretty much, America’s had not known war. We haven’t been since World War Two.

This was a critical time, and we must, I mean, I’m telling you cry out to God, have mercy, because the things that are, the evil already unleashed. It’s already in motion. If God doesn’t put a standard up, we will see catastrophic sudden change in America, and the time has come.

I must be faithful to the Holy Spirit, and to warn you.