Earthquake Forecast: 4 California Faults Are Ready to Rupture

Earthquake Damage - Cracks In The Earth

With several faults slicing through the San Francisco Bay Area, forecasting the next deadly earthquake becomes a question of when and where, not if.

Now researchers propose that four faults have built up enough seismic strain (stored energy) to unleash destructive earthquakes, according to a study published today (Oct. 13) in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America.

The quartet includes the Hayward Fault, the Rodgers Creek Fault, the Green Valley Fault and the Calaveras Fault. While all are smaller pieces of California’s San Andreas Fault system, which is more than 800 miles (1,300 kilometers) long, the four faults are a serious threat because they directly underlie cities.

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1 thought on “Earthquake Forecast: 4 California Faults Are Ready to Rupture”

  1. So now we have part of California possibly erupting and falling into the sea? We might even have a super volcano forming around Yellowstone.
    But God has nothing to do with it? Right . . .
    This is the same God that created the entire planet? Might want to look at the book of Job over those claims.
    I notice a lot of people returning to that God. Maybe it might happen and maybe it might not. Time will tell.
    WE in the State of Ohio and elsewhere have always proudly been known as the Bible Belt. That includes other states as well.
    We don’t have a drought going on. We got quite a bit of rain this year.
    In the attempt at being neutral, government is denying all of this.
    But they are supporting humanism. They are supporting theories from the 19th century in the education system and promoting them as fact.
    These all appear to be predicted by the Bible and the four horsemen.
    But Lord help anyone in government admitting it.
    Just like they want to take neutralism to an extreme in the Chaplain Service in our military.
    Don’t think our God likes that much.
    I would like us to return to worshipping God. The details form much of the opinion Christians have concerning how we worship God. I think there are well over 300 denominations and that is conservative estimate. Probably a lot more than that.
    Neutralism is necessary. Just not denial of God all together by government.
    I think we will be visiting with the Four Horsemen soon. Mainly because government denies God all together. I think it is the right of every citizen of this country to worship as they please. That does not include restricting that right in any manner or form.
    I also think a lot of things we assumed were so as Christians might not be so. That needs to be addressed by the churches and they need to step forward and make those changes when necessary.
    Those Earthquakes and that possible unstable volcanic activitity are only the beginning of what is about to come down.

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