“Earthquakes Of Such Magnitude That The Ground Opened Up And Swallowed Huge Buildings”

Our planet is becoming increasingly unstable, and great natural disasters are coming that will be on a scale that most of the “experts” didn’t believe was possible.  Over the past several days, I have shared a couple of visions that Daniel Rodes had over the course of his very long ministry.  Today, I would like to quickly share three more things that he was shown

I saw, in a vision, earthquakes of such magnitude that the ground opened up and swallowed huge buildings, leaving large, open cracks in the ground. These quakes did extreme damage on American soil. There was so much damage done in these earthquakes that there was no way to recover and there were no funds available to rebuild. There was a violent shaking of the earth and the people were so fearful that some were literally scared to death.


I saw floods, the water of which literally covered cities; massive floods unlike anything we have ever seen in America… Huge tidal waves were leaping across the land bringing with them great destruction.


I heard the screaming and crying of the little children as they were being torn to pieces in abortion clinics. The word of the Lord came to me and said that the blood of the millions of innocent children is crying out from the ground for vengeance. Because of the shedding of blood, there will be many lives lost in exchange for this innocent blood being shed.