Ebola Deaths Go Exponential

The official Ebola death toll is now at 932 with over 1,700 reported cases but as the WHO reports, in the last 48 hours, deaths and cases have exploded (48 and 108 respectively). As the charts below show, this epidemic is going exponential. What is perhaps most worrisome is, while playing down the threat in Nigeria (most especially Lagos – which the CDC Director is “deeply concerned” about), officials have formally asked the US for the experimental Ebola drug, which suggest things are far worse than the 3 deaths reported so far in Nigeria would suggest.


The Ebola outbreak has gone exponential…


Ebola Cases


Ebola Deaths

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  1. Up until now the outbreak has been in pretty much third world areas. As it progress into more advanced society, it will become much worse. You see there is nothing better for spreading illness. Than modern sealed buildings, with air conditioning recirculating the air.

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