Family Asks Cops To Check In On Sick Veteran; Cops Break Into House, Kill Him

Police Brutality

A family in North Carolina asked police officers to check on the welfare of an elderly relative, a Korean war veteran, who was recovering from surgery. In response to the request, the cops went to the man’s house at midnight, broke in, and then shot him dead.

Clearly the family were under the impression that police officers can still be relied upon to perform such helpful community duties, but they were tragically wrong.

WSOCTV reports that while the family asked the officers to check on 74-year-old James Howard Allen on Saturday afternoon, the police opted to visit the man’s home very late in the evening.

When there was no answer, firefighters were called out to force open the door. On entering the building, police saw Mr Allen, who had just undergone heart surgery, pointing a gun toward them, prompting one officer to unload his own weapon at Allen.

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1 thought on “Family Asks Cops To Check In On Sick Veteran; Cops Break Into House, Kill Him”

  1. In that policeman’s shoes, I might have done the same thing. If a weapon is shown with threat of intimidation, then that officer’s life is on the line. The circumstances around the shooting are not so clear. He will be cleared of any crime associated with protecting his own life.
    What is any policeman doing knocking on any body’s home in the middle of the night?

    Domestic calls are usually handled with 3 police officers. If there were not more than one, then the police department itself is probably wrong in sending someone out there in the middle of the night any way. You need valid witnesses when you violate some one’s right to the privacy of their own home to make sure everything is done by the book. Otherwise you leave a police officer out there legally naked to get sued.

    Did the person have a phone? Or was it a situation where the person was cutting every expense just to stay in their own home?
    Even so, Obama phones are a possibility. But we are talking about a senior veteran. Not some person in their 20s. People vary in their ability in their old ages. This one may not have been coping too well with the tech age of today and did not have a phone available. All my phones are wireless. Meaning they are land line phones hooked up to a wireless main phone with at least 3 phones on chargers and 1 readily available to my handicapped wife.
    We also are in our 70s. But the difference is both of us can use the internet and a computer to correspond with people if necessary. Used computers go for about $100 dollars at the locally owned PC shop in our neighborhood. I am also a veteran and served time in Korea as a US Air Force person.
    I was trained in the service as a photo repairman. Then as an Air Policeman. Afterwards as a Commercial Transportation Specialist in Household Goods and transportation by commercial means for Air Force Personnel. I also served as a Commercial Freight Specialist back then. I wore many hats and my ability to type had a lot to do with it in an age where men seldom learned how to type in the early 60s.

    I was also designated a natural with a rifle and a pistol.
    I have never ever been a straight A student in anything but music. But I have spent many years as an ad builder in a daily newspaper. Both of us are very aware and both of us can operate most modern computers even in our 70s. That is a little bit unusual.
    There are plenty of us that have kept up with things out there. But a lot of our contemporaries have not and that is a tragedy.
    The real person that caused this has to be the relative that had a call out for the police to check on someone. But usually checking on someone in the middle of the night is never a good idea under any circumstances and I have to think that police force is overwhelmed in the daytime. That is something you expect in Russia not here.
    I know well educated people that have been teachers most of their lives who do not even have modern equipment in their homes.

    Most people are unaware of the inner workings of any police department. You do not have enough money for me to take a position in a police department in today’s age for any reason.
    If I had a door bell that was not functioning(which is likely here), I would replace or repair it. Any hardware or lumber company out there will give you a wireless replacement for less than $25 – $35 dollars and that is a multi-tune door bell. Could my wife put one in? Probably not. A cheap video camera hooked into the TV is available for about $40 or less at a discount house like Harbor Freight. Most have night vision on them and work very well under a porch light. Again cheap security insurance. But capability varies drastically between many individuals in this person’s age group.

    But what we are dealing with here is probably someone too poor even to do that.

    It is hard to imagine unless you have been in the shoes of people that are incredibly poor. I have been there, done that.
    The blunder of the police department here is sending anyone out in the middle of the night on a routine check up as to whether or not the person is still alive or not. I know where they came from. They simply did not have the personnel available to handle the situation.

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