Father Guns Down Armed Men Who Were Using His Daughter As Human Shield

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Had a husband and wife from St. Louis not had firearms in their home then things could have gone much differently Monday night, reports the St. Louis Dispatch.

According to police, when the couple’s 17-year old daughter stepped outside of their front door to retrieve something from her car she was approached by two armed men wearing masks. Later identified as Terrell Johnson, 31, and Cortez McClinton, 33, the men pointed a gun to the teen’s head and made their way to the front door using her as a human shield.

The girl’s mother and father both witnessed the abduction and immediately retrieved their firearms. Without negotiation or hesitation the father fired several shots at the attackers as they entered the home, striking both of them.

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1 thought on “Father Guns Down Armed Men Who Were Using His Daughter As Human Shield”

  1. I notice that both are black. Both have “impressive” criminal backgrounds. Both ran across parents willing to shoot first and ask questions later.
    Folks, this is not cowbows and indians. This is permanent. It could have just as easily gone tragic for the daughter. Fortunately, they were good shots. They were well trained in the use of weapons.
    Now I want to know from the survivor what in the world were you thinking?
    Terrorest activity holds a lot of severe penalties in this country. You were the lucky one because you are alive. That you will more than likely spend the rest of your life behind bars is probably a fact.
    After this life, judgement awaits. Your partner is probably all ready facing that judgement in the spiritual realm.
    More and more we are seeing a similar ethnic background in crime. More than 50% of the criminals out there are blacks following a course that lands them permanently in jail for life. That is life wasted. That is young men and sometimes young women following a path that leads to destruction.
    I want drug tests on both of these people. Chances are likely that the motivation for the crime is a habit. Again that is so tragic. That crosses all racial lines.
    We failed all these young people. And now this young man will pay the penalty for that failure.
    I don’t blame anyone that shoots them. But I blame the system that brought these people to the point where they are willing to die with a weapon in their hands.

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