Food Stamp Beneficiaries Have Exceeded 45 Million For 48 Straight Months

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The number of beneficiaries of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), otherwise known as food stamps, has exceeded 45 million for 48 straight months, according to data released by the Department of Agriculture (USDA).

In April 2015, the latest month from which data is available, there were 45,438,832 beneficiaries of the food stamp program.

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1 thought on “Food Stamp Beneficiaries Have Exceeded 45 Million For 48 Straight Months”

  1. If it is the first of the month try not to go near a grocery store that accepts food stamps. I think they all do.
    Because the place will be overwhelmed with people trying to feed their families and a lot of them are on food stamps.
    When did food stamps become a regular part of American Family Life?
    I cannot pinpoint a date. I like to think it happened about 30 years ago when the Unions began to decline. People and jobs were not keeping up with the inflation. It happened as part of the great welfare state produced by President Johnson.
    The trap here is that people can only make a certain amount of money or they are disqualified from all kinds of benefits.
    That is crap. We are as a nation producing a welfare state by doing so.
    If a person has to make 18-20,000 a year to qualify max to receive benefits that make them actually getting 35,000 worth then we are actually discouraging an entire group of people from ever making more money.
    But for the grace of God in my life go I.
    I can recall a good number of times when it was an IFFY situation as to whether or not I would be able to complete an apprenticeship in hot type printing in the 60s. I did fight my way through the difficulties. Then the entire world changed. Instead of having to produce ads with a mechanical means and a metal saw the entire trade changed. We went cold type, pasteup, computers, and things that I was good at.
    But unlike others, I had a Union Craft Trade that paid well. I did not have to depend on welfare.
    In the meantime, Democrats crapped all over the laboring public and sold them down the river to Mexico with President Clinton’s trade agreements. So a whole generation of people did not have the opportunities I had.
    It isn’t over by a long shot. Every pension system out there is in jeopardy of going broke right now.
    That includes even Social Security.
    Well, when the SHTF we might all be on a socialized system of welfare to survive IF it is even available.
    The medical system is just as bad. We went from a secondary insurance with a 600 dollar deductable to one that has a family deductable of 6,000 per year over the last 6 years of a Democrat President promoting an insurance system that covers everybody (NOT) and is sanctioned by the Supreme Court. Well the insurance companies simply upped the rates.
    When the reward for work and saving your money is to be bankrupted by the system at the first time you have a serious illness whether you are 21 or 70 then there is no incentive to work period in this country.
    And that is basically the system promoted by all the lawyers in Congress at this time whether or not you are of one party or the other.
    By the way, they covered their own as any one familiar with Congressional benefits will tell you. SO they are completely aware of what they have done to America.

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