Forbes Declares War On Natural News


( If you don’t know who Mike “Health Ranger” Adams is, he may be a steadfast presence in your social media newsfeed without your knowledge. Awarded the top slot on Real Clear Science’sWorst Websites for Science in 2016” list, and with its founder touted by Dr. Oz as “the Renegade Health Ranger,”  Natural News is a thorn in the sides of all who hold legitimate science dear.  But bad science isn’t Adams’ only offense. Natural News is a fake news fixture, with articles on Obama birtherism, HIV/AIDS denialism, and the Sandy Hook tragedy as an elaborate hoax by FEMA to promote gun control. With the current uproar about fake news, the website and its founder should top lists of spurious sources.

Despite its outlandish stances, Natural News has been a staple since 2003. Attracting millions of unique visitors per month, you probably know at least a couple people who follow the website (just go to Facebook and see how many of your friends “like” the page).

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  1. Mike Adams is my Health Ranger. He is an adept at Analytical Science like myself. I miss not seeing him on The Alex Jones Show for far Too Long. I know he will be back with new information. I connect with each and every one of Mike Adams’ articles because he ties cutting edge science research with every day healthful living.

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