Former Border Patrol Chief: ‘1 in 5’ Illegals Has Criminal Record

Illegal Immigration Crossing The Border

Former US Border Patrol Deputy Chief Ronald Coburn reported that the southern border is seeing “the kind of chaos we saw along the border prior to 9/11” and that “one in five” illegal aliens today has a criminal record in an appearance on Saturday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Justice With Judge Jeanine.”

“One in ten of every adult male crosser[s] in this day and age more than likely already has a violent criminal record here in the United States, has been removed, and is returning. Another one in ten, making it one in five, is bringing with him or her their violent criminal tendencies and records from their own countries of which we don’t know yet” Coburn said.

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1 thought on “Former Border Patrol Chief: ‘1 in 5’ Illegals Has Criminal Record”

  1. “more than likely”? OK, so Coburn doesn’t really know about the one in ten. What about the other one in ten that makes the “1 in 5”? He says the “records…of which we don’t know yet” makes the other one in ten, so basically Coburn is 100% ignorant and the number is wholly made up without one single fact. Also,Coburn is explicitly excluding anyone who is not an “adult male” from his unsupported speculation.

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