Future potential of brain chip is limitless after man controls robot arm with his thoughts

Brain Computer Interface

Scientists at Caltech reported Thursday that they had developed an implantable chip that gave a tetraplegic man, Erik G. Sorto, the power to drink beer with a robot arm. This is just the beginning.

Researchers are working on all manner of silicon-based devices that go inside the body and manipulate the body’s signals to create motion. They believe these chips will not only be able to help those with paralysis one day — but also usher in a new era of robot adjuncts controlled by someone’s thoughts that will be able to perform all manner of jobs from lifting dangerous objects to filing papers.

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1 thought on “Future potential of brain chip is limitless after man controls robot arm with his thoughts”

  1. I just had a conversation with a young woman(in her 30s) with no control over her body from the neck down with the exception of one vocal cord that is intact that allows her to speak and a couple of fingers that she can still move.
    She is actually quite attractive looking and it is such a waste. An abusive husband put a gun under her chin and pulled the trigger. He is getting out of jail soon from what I hear. Her children were adopted out.
    She is in a wheel chair for life.
    When I hear about such technology I have to wonder how many people could be given fairly normal lives if it works.
    That same technology might someday mean transferring schooling directly into the brain for immediate use.
    Things like learning a foreign language for instance.
    That is many years away.
    But direct communication with the brain interfaced with a computer. That is going to happen fairly soon.
    In 1988, Radio Shack put out a Color Computer 64 with a very limited hard drive of 20 Megabites.
    Since then we have PCs and Apple Computers that normally have enormous hard drive capacity and very good multiple processors. They have went from limited ram memory to almost unlimited capacity. Normal was 640 megabytes. Normal is averaging 4 gigabytes. And that is if people do not add to it and go to operating systems that make use of said memory.
    A normal machine now has 7 processors working in coordination together.
    It is only a matter of time before this capacity is going to coordinate with human brains to give us incredible abilities to learn.
    The problem obviously is future shock. Because everything you have ever learned in your entire life is likely to be altered or entirely wrong.
    Witness the wars of ignorant people all over the planet over religious beliefs.
    No one belief system is invulnerable to change as discoveries are made.
    The problem of changing knowledge is that it continues to change throughout our lives.
    The challenge is for people to keep up with all the changes that technology provides.
    The blessing is we may someday be able to help that young lady and many more that are prisoners in their own bodies.

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