Gangs of New York: Post-Garner NYPD on Watch for Militant Blacks ‘Preparing to Shoot On-Duty Police Officers’

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Amid anti-police sentiments, the NYPD has claimed that members of the “Black Guerilla Family” are threatening to shoot on-duty police officers in New York. The group is known as an “ideological African-American Marxist revolutionary organization composed of prisoners” set up in the sixties, with inspiration from black leaders including Marcus Garvey.

The New York Daily News carried the exclusive, and included a photo of document with the typed warning:

“On 05 Dec. 2014 @ approx 1846 hours, OC#(redacted) forwarded a credible threat to Detectives assigned to Homicide Section in reference to Officer Safety. The threat has been verified and is currently being disseminated to lower command. Sources state that 10 BGF members (Black Gorilla Family) have began preparing to shoot an on duty police officer. Further info will be made available as it becomes ready.”

Reports suggest that NYPD officers are indeed taking the threat seriously and instituting precautions:

An undercover NYPD cop learned of the hit put out on officers Friday evening — three days after a Staten Island grand jury decided not to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo in Garner’s death. Mullins confirmed late Saturday night that the gang was gunning for officers.

Union leaders ordered all officers, on duty and off, to take extra precautions.

“Please WEAR your VESTS and carry your firearm off-duty along with additional magazines,” Mullins said in an alert. “Your priority is to go home at the end of your tour!”

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1 thought on “Gangs of New York: Post-Garner NYPD on Watch for Militant Blacks ‘Preparing to Shoot On-Duty Police Officers’”

  1. So a Civil War with the blacks on one side and the whites on the other is about to begin in New York?
    That would be a fatal mistake for anyone. The first time that happens is going to be the last time it EVER happens again.
    Jesse Holmes exposed empty federal prisons out west. The “law” is under certain circumstances they can lock you up without due process.
    If they so chose, the FBI can go in and simply evacuate the entire population of an area and sort them out later. The nasty word here is “terrorism” and there are some extremely strong laws against it.
    That law in 2009 was passed and approved by your Congress and reapproved later on. Over 300 Congress People voted for it, some did not vote and about 80 people voted against it. Those are not exact numbers. But you see where this is going.
    So far, in Ferguson, no one has used this law against blacks. So far the Feds have backed off, the national guard has stood down, and armed citizens took over. It is a wonder that massive numbers of rioters have not been killed. Though they have picked up people and have arrested a few.
    I have been an Air Policeman. I do not envy these police trying to keep the peace in their communities. Because now it is a catch 22. There is no way to win. When it becomes us vs them no one can come away without getting hurt.

    Especially if outsiders are coming in to cause the trouble.
    New York is ruled by a different set of power structures.
    A lot of it is ruled by an underworld organization. A lot of it is everything from protection rackets, prostitution, gambling, and drugs. But that is what NYC Police have dealed with for a long time. Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, and many other cities have the same problem and it won’t ever go away as long as the current legal system is in place.
    I think that the Godfather books were based on a certain amount of truth. Despite almost unconstitutional laws and drastic measures nothing has changed. They are still out there. Any NYC policeman can tell you that.
    What happens next? Well it is likely to come down to putting a whole bunch of people in those prisons.

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