Government Agents Openly Harassing Alternative News Sites At Increasing Rate

Big Brother - The Government Is Watching You

(Z3News) In July 2016, two NSA agents met with Pastor Begley and his wife for a very intense lunch meeting. After sharing their credentials, they asked to know all Pastor Begley’s news sources. They shared their agency’s displeasure with all alternative news media sources and warned they have many ways to kill Pastor Begley, adding they would not hesitate to do so. The agent said the NSA is listening to everything he says, even if his phone is turned off and claimed they could be in his bedroom within 20 seconds any time they wanted.

The agent warned, “You have too many followers.”

The agent gave Pastor Begley a list of things the NSA would do to send a message to anyone they want to silence to let them know the NSA is watching and prepared to take action.

  1. Unexplained car accidents. Individuals involved in the accident have phony identities so when we follow up with insurance claims we discover they don’t even exist.
  2. Visits from NSA agents disguised as someone else coming for a phony reason attempting to trap you or find some way to destroy your credibility.
  3. Video insertion attempts
  4. Dropped phone calls to your home
  5. Mean, vulgar, hateful, ungodly postings on your website
  6. Written hate mail delivered by regular mail.
  7. Creating and posting YouTube videos filled with lies to discredit you.

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