Growing Number Of Students Want To Be ‘Marked’ With Microchips… AND THEIR PARENTS APPROVE

Mark Chips

A growing tech trend takes personal computing to its highest level. It’s gone from “hands-on” to “hands-in.” More and more people are “bio-hacking” their bodies with implanted computer chips that can perform a wide range of tasks. Garrett Frey is already an accomplished entrepreneur and other than that seems like a pretty typical 21-year-old college student. Until you look more closely. “It’s right here in my left hand. You can see it and feel it if you touch it,” he said. Hardly bigger than a grain of rice is a radio frequency identification device implanted between Frey’s thumb and index finger. Using an app on his phone, Frey uses the chip to open the deadbolt on his front door and unlock his phone. “You can program it to send specific texts, turn on an alarm, set a timer, turn off your WI-FI. There’s a vast number of things you can do with the actual chip,” said Frey.

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