Gunman who ‘shot dead 32-year-old woman at random’ on San Francisco pier was illegal Mexican immigrant who’d been deported FIVE times and walked away from drug bust just four months ago

Crime In America

The man accused of randomly shooting dead a California woman as she walked along a popular San Francisco pier has a serious criminal history and has been deported to Mexico multiple times, according to reports.

What’s more, Francisco Sanchez, 45, was already on probation out of Texas and should have been sent to federal authorities as an ‘enforcement priority’ following a Bay Area arrest four months ago.

Records indicate Sanchez had seven previous felony convictions before police say he gunned down 32-year-old Kate Steinle with no warning Thursday. He’s also been deported to Mexico on five separate occasions.

However, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was never notified of that latest arrest before Steinle’s slaying, NBC Bay Area reports. And he was instead allowed to walk free from a San Francisco jail.

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