Have You Seen Tucker’s Interview With Vladimir Putin? The Reason Why The Elite Are Freaking Out Is Because They Don’t Want Peace

This week, the biggest news story in the entire world is Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin.  Honestly, it was kind of a bizarre interview, and  you can watch it for yourself below.  But I give Tucker Carlson a ton of credit for going to Russia and sitting down with Putin.  I think that the real reason he did this is because he wanted to see for himself if there is any hope of avoiding a cataclysmic conflict between our two nations.  Every day we get even closer to the unthinkable, and so it would make sense for both sides to pursue a peaceful way out of this mess.  But at this point the western elite are not interested in peace, and they don’t want any talk of peace in the media.  So they are going to great lengths to discredit Tucker Carlson’s interview with Putin, because they don’t want their carefully crafted narratives to be disrupted.

Even though this interview was very strange, I hope that everyone will watch it.

It is so important to understand what Vladimir Putin and the Russians are thinking.

If you have not watched Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin yet, you can view it right here

This was Putin’s last best chance to make his case to millions upon millions of people living in the western world, and honestly I believe that he fumbled the ball.

During the first half hour of the interview, Putin launched into an extended lesson about Russian history, and I think that was a huge mistake.

Instead, Putin should have laid out the key issues that ultimately resulted in the invasion of Ukraine.

Prior to the invasion, the Russians were primarily concerned about three main things.  They didn’t want Ukraine to join NATO, they didn’t want western missiles in Ukraine, and they didn’t want Ukraine to invade the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic.  At the time of the Russian invasion, the Ukrainians had massed 70,000 troops on the borders of the DPR and the LPR, and they were shelling the living daylights out of the major population centers.  So the Russians sent troops into the DPR and the LPR, but the Ukrainians continued to shell the major population centers.  Shortly thereafter, the invasion of Ukraine began.

But even after the invasion happened, there was still a chance for peace.  During the interview, there was a very interesting exchange between Carlson and Putin about a peace agreement that was sabotaged by western leaders…

Tucker: So I just want to make sure I’m not misunderstanding what you’re saying. I don’t think that I am. I think you’re saying you want a negotiated settlement to what’s happening in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin: Right. And we made it. We prepared the huge document in Istanbul that was initialed by the head of the Ukrainian delegation. He had fixed his signature to some of the provisions, not to all of it. He put his signature and then he himself said, we were ready to sign it, and the war would have been over long ago. 18 months ago. However, Prime Minister Johnson came, talk to us out of it and we missed that chance. Well, you missed it. You made a mistake. Let them get back to that. That is all. Why do we have to bother ourselves and correct somebody else’s mistakes? I know one can say it is our mistake. It was us who intensified the situation and decided to put an end to the war that started in 2014, in Donbas. As I have already said by means of weapons. Lt me get back to furthering history. I already told you this. We were just discussing it. Let us go back to 1991, when we were promised that NATO would not expand to 2008, when the doors to NATO opened to the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine, declaring Ukraine a neutral state. Let us go back to the fact that NATO and U.S. military bases started to appear on the territory, Ukraine creating threats to us. Let us go back to coup d’etat in Ukraine in 2014. It is pointless, though, isn’t it? We may go back and forth endlessly, but they stopped negotiations. Is it a mistake? Yes. Correct it. We are ready. What else is needed?

The Russians and the Ukrainians had agreed to end the war.

It could have all been over right there.

But western leaders did not want peace.

So hundreds of thousands of people have died since that time.

What a great tragedy.

But let’s not compound our mistakes by allowing this war to keep going.

Let’s find a way out before we reach a point of no return.

Because if we ultimately get to a point where one side decides to start using nuclear weapons, billions of people could die.

This is why Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin is so incredibly important.

It is one of the few things that could potentially change the trajectory of events.

Unfortunately, the elite in the western world are completely uninterested in using this moment as an opportunity to begin peace talks.

Instead, they are relentlessly trashing Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin.

For example, even before the interview aired Hillary Clinton was referring to Tucker as a “useful idiot”

Hillary Clinton, speaking on MSNBC Wednesday, joked that she ‘would not be surprised if he emerges with a contract with a Russian outlet, because he is a useful idiot’ in response to the news.

And just before the interview was released, John Kirby was telling everyone not to believe “anything” that they heard…

Today, before the interview dropped, White House Communications Coordinator John Kirby told Americans not to believe ‘anything’ in the interview.

‘Anybody that watches that interview you need to make sure to remember that you are listening to Vladimir Putin,’ he said.

‘You shouldn’t take at face value anything he has to say.’

On the other side of the Atlantic, some politicians actually want to punish Tucker Carlson.

In fact, one lawmaker actually wants to impose a travel ban on him…

Carlson’s work in Russia could see the former Fox News host in hot water with the EU, Guy Verhofstadt, a former Belgian prime minister and current member of the European Parliament, told Newsweek.

The lawmaker—who has called for the EU to explore imposing a “travel ban” on Carlson—described Carlson as “a mouthpiece” of former President Donald Trump and Putin, adding: “As Putin is a war criminal and the EU sanctions all who assist him in that effort, it seems logical that the External Action Service examine his case as well.”

Why such hysteria?

What in the world is so wrong with a journalist sitting down and interviewing a world leader?

If our leaders had any sense, they would want to sit down and talk with Putin while they still can.

Because the path that we are on right now ends in nuclear war.

Tucker Carlson wants to avoid a nuclear cataclysm, and so he is trying to get people to start asking the right questions.

And I am so thankful for that.

Unfortunately, nothing is likely to change any time soon because western leaders don’t want anything to change.

They want this war in Ukraine, and so for now there will be no peace talks.

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