I Am Mourning For America

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I am mourning for America, because she is dying. I am mourning for a nation that once knew such greatness but that has now fallen to depths that were once unimaginable. I am mourning for the death and destruction that are coming, and I am mourning for a future that our children and our grandchildren will never get to see. I am mourning for a nation that has refused to listen to the warnings and that now stands on the precipice of judgment. I am mourning for games that will never be played, for books that will never be finished, for family vacations that will never get to happen and for memories that will never be made. I am mourning for the economic depression that is coming, for the horror and suffering that friends and family will endure, and for the coming death of the country where I drew my first breath.

To many, these words will seem “over the top” and overly dramatic. After all, despite the thousands of problems facing this nation, things still seem very “normal” at this moment. Well, if you don’t “get” what I am saying right now, just bookmark this page and come back to it later. Eventually it will make sense to you.

Last week, I was invited to be a guest on a major television show that is beamed into the homes of millions of people in the United States and Canada. If you get a chance to view the shows that are being aired this week, you will notice that I wore all black.

I wasn’t just making a fashion statement. I was doing it because I am in mourning for America. Unlike so many that talk about the horrible things that are ahead for this country, I actually love the United States. I truly wish that this nation had become everything that it could have become. I love the part of the country where I currently live, I love the amazing people that I am constantly meeting, and I love the things that I have been able to experience just because I am an American.

Unfortunately, everything is about to change.

There are many out there that believe that America is still a great nation. Well, great nations do not murder tens of millions of their own children. As Dr. Chuck Missler has pointed out, the most dangerous place to be in America today is in a mother’s womb.

Since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973, more than 56 million babies have been purposely destroyed in this country.

What does a nation that has murdered 56 million of its own children deserve?

I believe that we have just come out of a season of time when America has been shown exactly why it is about to be judged.

It is no accident that the undercover Planned Parenthood videos were released when they were. Now the entire world knows that we slaughter our babies, harvest their organs and sell them off to the highest bidder.

So what has the response of the American people been to the revelation of this great evil?

Yes, a small minority of Americans have gotten upset, but most people have been completely unmoved by this news.

Our government gives Planned Parenthood hundreds of millions of dollars each year, and that isn’t going to change. Planned Parenthood is just going to keep doing what they do, and the American people are just going to go back to ignoring the unprecedented holocaust that is happening behind closed doors all over the nation.

This past summer we also witnessed what I believe is the perfect bookend for the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision of 1973. The institution of marriage was permanently altered in all 50 states, and most of the nation greatly rejoiced.

The White House was lit up with rainbow colors to honor what the Supreme Court did. The rainbow is a symbol of God’s covenant with Noah, and in the book of Revelation there is a rainbow around the throne of God. They have taken this symbol that belongs to God, and they are using it as a symbol of their defiance.

Of course these things that I have just mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg. The truth is that evil is growing in this nation in thousands of different ways. Every year there are 20 million new cases of sexually transmitted disease in the United States, we have the highest divorce rate in the entire industrialized world, and nearly one out of every five American women say that they have been raped at some point in their lives. In the United States today, there are 60 million people that abuse alcohol and there are 22 million people that use illegal drugs. America produces more pornography than the rest of the world combined, and surveys have found that Christian men use it at just about the same rate as everyone else.

I will not be publishing an article tomorrow. In a few hours, Yom Kippur will begin where I live. It is the most solemn of all the holidays described in the Bible, and it is a time of repentance. I will be praying for myself, my family, my community and my nation.

If America had repented as a nation and had turned from her wicked ways, we would not have to go through the things that we are about to go through.

I believe that the time of grace that the United States has been given to repent is ending.

I know that this is very different from my usual format. Is it okay if I just share what is on my heart from time to time? On Thursday I will get back to sharing the facts, figures and hard information that you all have come to expect from me. But today when I woke up I just felt that I should share these things with you.

Very shortly, things are going to start changing in a major way.

America is dying, and the hardest times that any of us have ever seen are right in front of us.

(Originally published on The Economic Collapse Blog)

3 thoughts on “I Am Mourning For America”

  1. Hi Michael,
    I was worried about you as I was not seeing new articles. I understand how you feel and your concerns and I agree with you. Time is short for our country and not many understand what you are saying.

    Very glad I met you in that little sandwich shop in Wilmington as you were visiting the battleship US North Carolina.

    God Bless, Bill and Barbara

  2. God allowed the evil of 9/11 2001 as a warning to America–not unlike Jonah warning Nineveh of impending judgment. After a few weeks of increased church attendance, America returned to unrepentant debauchery and in 2008 we were cursed with Barak Hussein Obama. Seven years again God gives us a warning of our evil and need of repentance with the open revelation of our sins before us with these Planned Parenthood videos. Yet after our failure to fall to our knees as a nation and ask God to return to His rightful place as sovereign of our nation–we will again face judgment. The Lord is slow to anger and does not wish that anyone should perish–but He is also a just and holy God and will not abide the arrogance and depravity forever.
    Throw in the inevitable treason against Israel by our leaders by granting Palestinians a state and at least partial rule of Jerusalem; the ant-semitic/Israel US government in general, universities across the nation and the hearts of most Americans–and we are practically begging for it.
    God will not be mocked…the rainbow flag on the White House? The Hindu god of destruction on the empire state building? Open market selling of the body parts (and whole bodies in many cases) of children murdered in their first 9 months of life? Now we are the largest funder/supporter of terrorism in the world by giving Iran 100+ billion………we are due for a really, really harsh judgment.
    Although I am still a pre-trib believing Christian, I will remain steadfast and true to the Lord unto my death no matter what level of tribulation, sorrows or persecution I may have to endure. May the peace and comfort of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all in the times that are ahead……

  3. Sadly,except for the heritage of the US, most of what is written about the US applies to any of the nations of the world and in particular the west. It would be easy to blame politicians and others, but the truth is the “average voter” has made all sorts of demands and the politicians enact them, or abrogate responsibility to faceless bureaucrats. I’m in Australia and while I didn’t like Tony Abbott as the Prime Minister, one of his “big failings” was not to embrace same sex marriage. So he’s out, to much rejoicing by the populace. I might say while men may view a lot of porn, there are an awful lot of women who do too. Plus, the content (pics and videos) have to come from somewhere… and its mostly women.

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