Iraq’s beleaguered Christians make final stand on the Mosul frontline

Mosul Church - Public Domain

Captain Firaz Jacob knows he may well be mounting a last stand at the frontiers of the Christian settlement of Bartella on the outskirts of Mosul.

Less than a mile down the road are the jihadists of Isis, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, and the portly, middle-aged Mr Jacob is aware that his home-grown militia are outnumbered.

“I stand here waiting for my destiny,” he said, as he stood this week by the last check-point on the road to Mosul and the black flags waiting in the desert.

Speaking of why he and his men were refusing to give up and go, Capt Jacob said was determined to resist the jihadists and their allies, who last week over-ran most of the rest of northern Iraq.

“We will stay here despite everything,” he announced. “All these armed groups we have seen, but nevertheless we will remain. We love our Christian way of life, we love our churches and we love our community.”

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1 thought on “Iraq’s beleaguered Christians make final stand on the Mosul frontline”

  1. I think that all Christians should immigrate to other countries with their families. It has to be some place that they maintain their cultural values. There are communities somewhere like this and it is the kindest thing to do for them.

    Somethings cannot be changed. There is fate involved. The Middle East is fated to make many horrible mistakes those mistakes unfortunately will mean a lot of death and destruction. I think Switzerland has a large community of people from this region.
    That you are willing to fight for your faith and even possibly die for it with honor writes many volumes about you, your people, your families.
    Immigration is never easy for the people involved. This means exposing everyone to different views and different mores. It also means that your family might be a lot safer than they are now. That their bread winner is alive and well and able to be Father to their family that is most important.

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