ISIS Recruitment Video: Fighters Tout ‘Imminent’ Caliphate and Jihad as ‘Cure’ for Depression

ISIS Recruitment - YouTube

British and Australian militants with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in a new video extolled the benefits of joining the jihad in Syria and Iraq — benefits supposedly ranging from the return of an Islamic caliphate to curing depression.

The English-language video, titled “There Is No Life Without Jihad,” is clearly aimed toward encouraging Muslims from Western countries to travel to the Middle East and join ISIS.

“We understand no borders,” said a British militant identified on the video as Abu Muthanna Al-Yemini. He said he and his comrades have been fighting in Syria, but soon would move to the Iraqi battlefield, where major cities have fallen to the Sunni extremist group in recent weeks.

“And we will even go to Jordan and Lebanon with no problems, wherever our sheik wants to send us,” he said. “We hope in the khilafa [caliphate]. It’s imminent.”

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