Islamic State militants raping thousands of women to populate caliphate, Iraqi official claims

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ISLAMIC State fighters are reportedly raping thousands of women in Iraq and Syria to mass-produce spawn who’ll follow in their footsteps.

Young militants are running wild to the chagrin of their more sophisticated and PR-savvy commanders, an Iraqi official told The New York Post.

The motivation of the rapists is said to be twofold: They want to make IS babies — and they are just plain out for the thrills.

“You have these young ISIS fighters carrying machine guns and they . . . want to have sex,” the official said.

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1 thought on “Islamic State militants raping thousands of women to populate caliphate, Iraqi official claims”

  1. Montezuma’s Revenge is a woman that infects a man while being raped. This “revenge” ravaged the Spanish and then the French during the conquest of South America.

    These women need birth control pills. That their fathers have no way of protecting them is a terrible shameful thing. It means they are ruined by the rules of this culture. Doomed because no one will want them after they have been assaujlted.

    When you place yourself at risk by doing very foolish things, the end result is likely to be your own demise in a very horrible way.
    HIV/AIDS, Syphillis, Gonorhea, and the list is endless. They might catch diseases we have never even heard of. Africa is a sandbox of very fatal bad diseases. If you assault women this will eventually catch up with you.

    That is the reason for most people to avoid raping women in an area known for problems of this kind. That is the curse that will follow these young mislead people. And Allah looks down and has no sympathy for this lot of barbarians. Their commanders are older and somewhat wiser.

    Just like the Spaniards that died of veneral diseases, there is no forgiveness for them. They went to confession I am sure. But the real world dictates that they die of diseases for their actions.
    Even Jesus may not have patience with this lot.

    The assault is against their God as well. And that God is very unforgiving.

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