Israel to expand ground incursion after Hamas militant infiltration

Israel's Special Forces in Camouflage - Photo by IDF

The battle between Israel and Gazan militants is growing, as the Israel Defense Forces announced early Sunday that it will expand its ground offensive.

On Saturday, Hamas Islamist fighters infiltrated nearby parts of Israel via underground tunnels and clashed with Israeli troops. The use of the tunnels was the main reason Israel gave for launching its ground operation Thursday night.

The IDF is adding additional troops, having called up tens of thousands of reservists at the start of Operation Protective Edge to prepare for the ground operations.

“In preparation for the mission, the forces have undergone an intensified training and thorough planning period and are prepared and stand ready for the task at hand,” said IDF spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner in a statement.

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  1. War is a constant state of being, in that area of the world. As long as one side wants the other side destroyed. And the other side refuses to be destroyed. What can change? No, you just have periods of overt war, with other periods of covert war. As I have written before, the middle east is just one big insane asylum.

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